Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Totals

I do not normally post my totals for the month, but hey, it was a great month of training, so I think I will share!

I biked 599 miles. Maybe I will hop on the bike for one mile to make the number prettier. HA. Those are the kinds of reasons that I don't post totals...I am not like that at all...

I swam 29,000 yards, so I MUST go swim 1000 today to even it out!!

I ran 117 miles, and there is clearly a 5K in my future today. ;-)

I am happy with my training this month. It has been solid, and very hot

Yesterday, I did a century with George and three of my fantastic Trakkers Teammates! I was SO lucky to have them out there! Last year, this century was a low point for me, and this year, the time just flew as I spent it chatting with Kristen about everything! Thank you!!
Well, I have another huge week, and then down to big weekends and medium weeks....

Getting closer!

Anyone else have a good July?!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So, while I was in an ice cream stupor, I spent a lot of time online....

Looking at races....

SO many races. They are awesome. I want to do ALL of them.

I went to far as to send my coach a long email about how I was going to fit a LONG swim race in between my next two Ironmans which are already only 11 weeks apart.


That didn't work. I can't do everything and expect to do it well. And I want to do it well too.

Back to training.

Also, I realized yesterday that training for an Ironman in July in Atlanta means a lot of miserably hot running. I announced that I do not like running in Atlanta in July. I hope everyone heard me!

My other issue is that I want to do at least one HUGE race next year. 1oo mile run or a marathon swim or maybe I will hopscotch across America. I don't know.


I don't know. I don't have to decide yet...but I am excited about the possibilities of planning another season since this one is planned and I am in the heat of it (have I mentioned that it's hot?)

And you know what, it is a lot more fun to try to plan those huge things than to look Rev3 Cedar Point in the eyes and know that I am going to be doing my third Ironman 6 weeks from Sunday.

I am doing my workout, but I am dreaming about swimming the English Channel while I am doing them.

Might just be because it is so hot.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Things I would rather do than have my wisdom tooth removed

1. Swim

2. Bike

3. Run

4. Eat ice cream--wait, I get to do that!

Really, I have tried to make the best of it. I got in a solid 3000yd swim before I got my tooth pulled. Then, headed home, where I told george to buy me ice cream so that I could maintain my soft food diet.

George came back with protein shakes we love:

4 kind of awesome soup, including my favorite store-bought vegetarian comfort soup:

4 kind of frozen treats!

Publix Blueberry Pomegranate Frozen Yogurt

Edy's Coconut Cream Popsicles

and the grand finale that ALMOST makes it worth it to have to sit around and let my stupid mouth heal

Talenti Belgian Dark Chocolate Gelato

Talenti Sea Salt Caramel

If you have a reason to not care how many calories and fat you are eating. Those are your guys. Incredible. George called the caramel one "exquisite." Seriously.

Then, I was really busy watching Harry Potter 5, 6, and 7.1 yesterday. My little prize for getting all of this stupid dental work done is clearly: 1. Ice cream, and 2. Harry Potter 7.2

So, one more day of sitting around, and then as long as I feel good, I have a big weekend of training--and my 10th high school reunion.

By the way, I borrowed every picture this time...because I am tired and my mouth hurts :-)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beach Training!

Last week, we spent the week in Pawley's Island, SC with George's family.

It was a great week, and an even better week for training! I got in 22 hours of training (with no swimming).
It went something like this:

Monday: 12 Mile run and 1 hour Ride
Tuesday: 8.5 Mile run and 1 hour 40 minute Ride
Wednesday: 7.5 mile run and 2 hour 20 minute ride
Thursday (our anniversary!): 5 hour ride
Friday: 8 mile run and 2 hour 20 minute ride
Saturday: 12 mile run and 1 hour ride

I felt fantastic...until that last ride, and I just kind of broke. I was supposed to be out for 2 hours, and I just fell apart.

Sunday we drove back and rested. Monday I had a terrible swim, which is what I get for taking a week off of swimming!

Yesterday, we met with our coach to really talk about moving forward. I have the full Ironman distance race really soon at Rev3 Cedar point. I am really excited about it, but it feels crazy to be back in it already! Last week was an up week, and this week is down some, which is fine. Then, in November, I have another Ironman in Cozumel. That is what coach wants to be a breakthrough race for me. A PR. That would be really nice. I have a lot of work before I can achieve that, though.

We also started talking about my 2012 goals. Right now, he said, I have a lot on my big plate (2011), BUT I can begin to try out putting things on my little plate (2012). I actually enjoy looking way ahead as much as I enjoy the current training, so I went home and spent WAY too much time on the internet thinking about BIG-GIANT-STUPIDLY LONG race :-) I was excited and totally pumped!

Then, after feeling inspired and excited, I went out for a regular 8 mile run, and failed completely, coming in after 4 feeling nauseous from the heat. Great. I moved quickly from feeling totally inspired to take on a hundred mile run next year to feeling like I wanted to vomit from an easy 8 miler. Awesome.

Time to go ride and hopefully get my head right again~

Monday, July 4, 2011

Peachtree Road Race Report!

Here in the ATL where I happily live, the Peachtree Road Race is...well, it's a big deal.

Everyone seems to run it. Or walk it. Or party during it.

Everyone who knows you run asks you if you run it. For example:

A few months ago, I was 9 HOURS into a session before Ironman St. George, and someone asked me if I was training for the Peachtree. hehehehe. If you live in Atlanta, I think everyone thinks this is the ONLY race anyone would ever train for.

On Friday, I did a 10 mile run. I tripped in the last 20 feet and fell on the sidewalk (I have problems staying vertical while running). Some people asked me if I was training for the Peachtree. It seemed a little late to be "training" for the Peachtree if you ask me. No, I am doing it, but I am training for another Ironman. Can't you tell I am a very experienced athlete? I know there was nothing on the sidewalk for me to trip on, and I am incredibly clumsy. I am sure you would never think I am anything BUT an experienced athlete-- but hey, it's my thing. I fall a lot. Let it go. :-)

So the Peachtree--it's an institution here. And I forgot to register. Opps! awesome father in law gave me a number, my friends are running, and I'm in!

Well, TyTy is pregnant with her first baby (YIPPIE!), so she intended to walk. For any of you that have not witnessed that which is the Peachtree--walking is really fun. It is a 6.2 mile party!

I live right around the finish of the race, and I had a 6 mile run on my schedule, so Sparkles and I left the house around 6:15 and ran to the start. Here we are looking cute after having run the course from finish to start. The whole way, people are already out tailgating, and saying, "you're going the wrong way." But we were not. We were just going the slower way to the start line!


So, we get excited to watch the start, see Ryan Hall, etc, so we hop inside a fenced area and cheer. Yeah, fun, start. By the way. There is a LONG time between the first wave and the last. Like well over an hour. Seriously!

And we are off, to find the starbucks where we are meeting TyTy and Dave. Turns out, we hopped into the WRONG side of the fence, and we have to do an huge lap around Buckhead to get to where we are trying to go.

And then there is another fence.

Well, see, the waves are a BIG deal. Last year, I got to race in A, which is like a badge of honor ;-). But, this year, we wanted to go farther back so we can walk.

Let it be known that I was NOT trying to get into an early wave. I was just trying to find my friend in our meeting place, but everything is gated.

So, we tried one of these numbers:

And before you know it, someone was screaming at me.
Overly enthusiastic volunteer/employee: "You know these fences are here for a REASON!"
Me (very calmly): "I am very sorry, could you tell me how I can cross the street to meet my friends at that starbucks?"
Still angry volunteer/employee: "You CAN'T get into another wave. You have to go ALL the way down and then you can cross."
Me (cool as a cucumber): "No reason to be upset. I just want to cross the street. Where is there a crossing?"
Him (I think he is getting angrier): "All the way down at Oak Valley Road."
Me: "Oh, just a block up? Ok, thanks!"

Sometimes people need to relax a little. I know we look suspicious, but:
1. It is a road race, not a dangerous military operation or heart surgery.
2. Not everyone is trying to do something bad all of the time. Sometimes people are just trying to cross the road. :-)

So, we go the short walk to cross the street, meet up with Dave and TyTy, get an iced coffee, and head to the start
. pt2wh.jpg

Clearly, I am taking this race VERY seriously!

And we're off. All walking back down Peachtree--and it is a rocking party. Bands, fans, food being passed out, water guns, beer, people I don't even know doing keg stands (total strangers--none of my friends), priests giving out holy water--all in the middle of a race. And when you take over 2 hours to do a 10K, you honestly get to have a TON of fun with it all! Seriously, I think TyTy was worried she was holding us back at first, but that was NOT upset at you can tell by all the fun we had in these picture...

Some bald eagles:px8xr.jpg

Ummmmm....This thing....


Oh look, a coffee break!


We had a great day together! Happy 4th!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fresh Start in July

Last night, I cut my run short (which I never do), and made a decision that I am done racing for a little while.

I raced 6 times in June, and I am just mentally done with it. I want to train, and not to race for a while.

I have Rev3 Cedar Point on September 11th, and I am ready here on July 1st to officially start my training for it.

I wrote to my coach, who agreed, and I am not going to race in the waterfront tri next weekend. I have never sat out of a race when I am healthy, but I am just mentally burned out of racing. I will cheer for George, but I am ready to be focused on the bigger picture now.

So this morning I did a really hot and hilly 10 miler, and I had a great run. I fell and skinned my knee in the last 20 feet of the run. Classic.

But, I just saw this on facebook, and I LOVE it. I never really understand the bouncing around at stoplights :-) Made me smile! I borrowed it from Steve's blog