Monday, October 31, 2011

Pre-Cozumel Brick Time

We are now 3 weeks and 6 days away from Cozumel, which will be my 4th 140.6 and George's first!

It is serious training time right now.

My coach loves BIG bricks, and this weekend did not dissapoint.

80 on the bike and 16 on my feet. The bike went well. I experimented some with nutrition though, and this was a major fail. Back to normal next week!  This meant that I was behind on my nutrition--not great and pretty tough to deal with.

I did speed up in both my ride and my run.

I was joking with george that I was flirting with a "wall" all day long. I was considering bonking all day, and just BARELY avoided it---until I finished. And then I just fell into the car, told george I didn't want to talk and to just take me home.

1 bottle of Ultragen (thanks first endurance!!!) and 30 minutes later, I was able to talk and hear all about George's day and I was back to life. He was (and is) SOOOO fast.  His run was amazing, and I am incredibly proud of him. He is going to kill it in Cozumel!

I really want to break 12 hours in Cozumel. Weather can change anything, but I am going to train to do my very best to break that number!

Since this week went so well, coach is making next weekend even longer.....oh boy....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spin for Kids

Training for Cozumel has been very busy, thus very few posts.

Last week, I spent the week in Williamsburg with 40 7th graders! I still got in some running in the morning, but we sandwiched the week with BIG workouts.  Last Saturday George and I did a 100 mile ride and a 6 mile run. The ride was HARD. I wasn't expecting that. But, I am stronger for it!

This weekend we did the 62 mile ride at Spin 4 Kids followed by a 13-14 mile run.  It was great! The ride was wonderful, the cause was fantastic, and the support is supurb.

If you are in the Atlanta area, and looking for a ride next year, this is the one. The cause is amazing, as Camp Twin Lakes is a really incredible place. There are a variety of courses. There was SO much great food at the rest stops, that I once considered staying there. If you have kids, they can stay and do camp activities and be taken care of while you ride! What more can you ask for???

I was very lucky, and had people to ride with (and push me,which I need!), I ran some alone, but then picked up my good friends for the last two legs of the run. The day flew by, my fitness felt solid, and I was happy the whole day (which for me is a great indicator of my training and my nutrition!). Note to self, bring banana bread to Cozumel ;-) and pumpkin cookies (yes, I ate a cookie on my run...and it was perfect!).

George and I were lucky enough to be invited to be on the Halpern's Team by Laura, who is my training buddy and runs this whole she-bang. It was a perfect day!!!