Monday, December 17, 2012

Off Season Before RAAM

Between my 200 mile race, and my training camp that starts on December 28th, I have had a bit of an off season. My training has been pretty low (about 12 hours a week), and not particularly intense. Nonethelss, I have had some  goals that I have been working on:

Bike Fitting

I went to see Eddie O'dea again at 55Nine. We worked on my pedal stroke, my fit, my posture, my cleats, and replacing my saddles. Working with him in invaluable.

Nutrition Redux

I went back to Ilana Katz to work on my nutrition plan. She has been working with my coach on periodizing my nutrition based on my training and setting goals for progress. It is tough to be on a plan around the holidays (and trust me, I haven't been perfect), but it was good to get a jump start on my goals.


Dani and I had an awesome fundraiser at All3 Sports where Craig Alexander spoke and went on a group run. Thanks to sponors, friends, and donors, we raised almost $4000 in a weekend for Camp Twin Lakes!

My awesome partner Dani--I am lucky to be partnered with someone who works SO hard.

Family Time

I am close with my family, and I have really enjoyed spending some great days with them. We went to see Circdu Soleil together, we have had some great holiday dinners, we still have a "girls christmas dinner," and Christmas day celebrations. I love having some time to spend with my family.

Mind Games

This topic deserves, and will receive it's own blog post. After my last race, I knew I needed to work on my head. So, I met with a sports pscologist and a regular psycologist that specializes in anxiety. They were both amazing. It was incredible how quickly they figured me out and the tools that they have given me to work on. George and I are also reading a handful of books about the mind and sports. This is certainly an ongoing process that I truly believe is vital to my training and racing RAAM.

Enjoying Christmas-Time!

Contrary to the nutrition plan above, I have baked a lot of cookies for us, family, friends and a cookie swap this week! Pictured below are my hot chocolate cookies (with mini marshmallows!).

Decorating our tree!

Running with Friends

It was really good to get out on the trails and just run. I also ran a half marathon on Thanksgiving day. I did some runs with my mom. No real need to pay attention to time or distance, but just to get out there and run with some friends and enjoy their company.

Dinners with Friends

In my version of an off season, I have the time (and am not so tired I just want to sleep) to have some time with people I just really enjoy being around.


Completing RAAM is more than just riding a bike. We have been working on sponsorships, fundraising, logistics, crew seminars, training camps, setting up finances, and well...register for RAAM.

Guess it's real now.

Only a few more precious off season days, and then to training camp in South Florida!