Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ok--here goes--the aftermath.

So I have a stress fracture.

Well, really I have two, but only one is bad. The other one is really no big deal, so we are not worried about.

Basically, a few days after the race, all of the soreness went away, and I was just left with being tired and a sore spot on my shin. I slept and ate, and then slept some more. I slowly started doing some exercise, then and decided to rest. Then I would do a little more, and then rest.

But that spot on my shin was still there.

So I told my coach, and he told me to go to the Doctor.

So I figured initially that meant to check WebMd for a while, freak out, and hope that it went away.

Guess what? It didn't.

So, I called the Doctor, and he took and xray. Nothing, but from my webmd research, I know that doesn't mean much.

So then it was time for a bone scan.

In the hospital, the radiologist said, "do you are only having pain in your left leg." "Yes," was my response. He said, "well you have a stress fracture for sure in you left leg (tibia), but you also have a hot spot in your right leg (tibia)." Great.

Back to my doctor. After some discussion, he decided that the placement and the severity of the left one was the big deal, and needed to be treated more aggressively than the right one.

So here I am. 4 weeks in this awesome boot. Trying to make the best of it.

I know that plenty of people will have a variety of opinions about my stupid leg, but I mostly just need to try to look at the positives. I know that "it could be worse," and "you probably had it coming," and "good timing." I got all of that. Right now, I am just counting down the days.

Day 2:


  1. Positives... alright, I can do this... ummm, you can still swim right?! :) Double Ironman is the gift that keeps on giving? :)

    I totally understand, timing sucks and you are an athlete that is so used to a daily physical life. Enjoy the time off and allow your body to rebuild to be better than it was before! Keep your head up and be as strong as you were on the course... off the course!

  2. a hot spot? does that mean you get better internet connections? :) four weeks is NOTHING! (I know, easy for me to say...) Hang in there.

  3. You crazy people that do those gosh dang long races.... it's no wonder you have all these medical problems... it's just not natural...the thought of going from Tampa to Orlando back and forth 3 or 4 times.... did you ever thing of taking up needle point?... it's just not natural... you are certainly going to be crippled by the time you are my age...

    Thought I would play your Mom for a few minutes...

    Heal up soon, there's a triple coming up

  4. I think that boot needs some Be-Dazzling!!!! Lol! I hope it heals quickly!!!

  5. 4 weeks and in the meantime, you can still swim and walk? Consider yourself lucky! I'm non-weight bearing, non-swimming, and out for the entire 2012 season for tripping over my dogs. At least yours is from an incredibly cool story! ;-)

    I know it sucks. Really I do. Hang in there!

  6. Yikes!! Not cool at all. I had a stress fracture on my right tibia and had to take 4 months off running. Just ran for the first time today (a whopping 2.1 miles). Take it easy and let that leg heal. Been following you on here and on TE for a while. You're such a stud. SO impressed with all you've done.
    And yeah, that boot needs some bling! ;)

  7. I think you need to update your race report to include a line somewhere that says "and with each step, the bones in my legs were crumbling beneath me...but I kept going..." << EPIC

  8. " probably had it coming" BWHAhAHA!! I can honestly said if someone had said that to me, I'd have ninja kicked them square in the throat, and while they were staring at me in shock unable to make a sound, I'd say, "WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY NOW?!" It's funny because I'm pretty sure you can picture the whole thing happening. Heal up fast Kacie. I'll see you every now and then at masters when I get down there in the mornings instead of at lunch

  9. UGH! I am sending you super POSITIVE, quick healing prayers your way. There is ALWAYS a bright side, and the quirky thing about life is that we never know what that is until we are on the other side. Thinking of you in your super sexy boot!!

  10. OH Kacie!! That SUCKS!!! I hope you heal up fast!

  11. Not that you want advice, but I learned with all my craziness last year that you have to acknowledge the suckiness of this. Even if it "could be worse", it still sucks!!!! The good news is, it happened after you became a double iron woman!!!