Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh summer....

This has been a remarkable summer. Really--a summer to remember. I am SO very lucky.

Last night, George proposed a toat to "a summer well spent." I must say that I couldn't agree more!

First, we went to Quassy to race at Rev3 and had some great races!

Photo: Relay road trip 2 to CT !

Photo: Danbury, CT :Quassy Rev 3 triathlon 2nd place relay team ! Go team!

Then, I went to race RAAM, which was an incredible experience.

Then, I hopped right on a plane to Spokane, Washington, grabbed a car, and drove to watch George race in Ironman Coure d'alene. He KILLED it. He went 9:45, a 2:59 marathon (fastest amauter), and a slot to Kona. He's the cute one on the left.

And here he is taking that slot so we get to go to Hawaii in October! I am SO proud of him.

Then, we headed to London to see George's sister, her husband, and our three sweet neices who have been living there for the past year. We got to spend 10 days in London, and we split our time between family and seeing the city!

It was great to get hugs and kisses from those girls!

We had high tea!

We went to Buckingham Palace. We ate meringues. Sometimes at the same time.

We got back from London, and went to the beach the next day. I don't have any pictures. I layed in a hammock, got back on my bike a little bit, and read a lot. Great way to end a month of crazy awesomeness.

Since all of that, I have been working really hard doing things like riding my bike a lot, making really really really big plans for 2013 racing, spending time with family, and working on my waterfall braiding.


  1. So the summer of 2012 has been pretty freaking amazing. And knowing you guys... I can't wait to see what 2013 brings!

    That hair is super cute! I'm so not talented enough to even fathom how you do it! :)

  2. Here's to fun, love and waterfall braiding!!!!!!