Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tracking George in Kona!

We are headed to the Big Island tomorrow for my amazing husband, George, to race in the Ironman World Championships.

This has been a big goal for him, and I couldn't be a prouder wife!!! Seeing someone you love so much achieve their goals through hard work, dedication, and sacrifice is truly one of the great joys in life.

So here goes!

His number is 1375, and you should watch for his run times :-)

Here the link to his blog where he goes into a great deal more detail about his training and such!

Oh, and I might also be paddle boarding, snorkeling with manta rays, and going on a speed boat ride.

Just sayin'

If you can spare any good thoughts/vibes/prayers for his success on Saturday, I'll take it!



  1. Have FUN Kacie!! Best of luck to George!

  2. Have a great time Kacie - and cheer extra loud for George from us. We'll be tracking!!! :)

  3. All the best! I am looking forward to hear more of the event.I hope you both enjoy and have fun.

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