Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back Home and Eating Clean!

Our trip to Asheville-my hometown-Piedmont was great. Really really great.

We ate so very well. We stayed at the Carolina B&B. It was amazing. It was our favorite B&B we have stayed in. I would recommend it to ANYONE going to Asheville. The house was beautiful, the food was outstanding, the hospitality was perfect, and the location was cycling friendly. What more could the Dardens ask for? If you are going to Asheville, I am sure you would love staying there! Every morning, we had amazing breakfasts, there were fantastic cookies in the jar (which came in my bento box for rides!), and wine and excellent snacks were out ever night!

We ate at some really great restaurants. Asheville has some great food for such a small little town!

We ate great pretzels at Lexington Avenue Brewery, giant mocajetes of amazing veggies at Salsas, liquid truffles at French Broad Chocolate, crazy good Indian at Mela Indian, and just perfect new southern food at Tupelo Honey. I mean, we ate really really well! There was more too :-) If anyone is going to Asheville, I have lots of suggestions!

After a week of that, I am pretty full. Even with all of that training. Thus, it's back to normal, and I am ok with that! Protien shakes, greek yogurt, apples, bananas, salads, tofu, brown rice, almonds, oatmeal, and natural nut butters--they all sound perfect now. And that is a really good place to be four weeks out from my race! I really want to survive this Ironman, and I need everything going my way for the next 3 weeks and 4 days (who's counting!?). I know a lot of my Trakkers folks are cleaning up their

I took yesterday off, even though I had a swim on my schedule. I got my Retul fitting done at All3Sports (again) yesterday. They have been awesome. My Kestrel didn't quite fit to get the right comfort/power. Fortunately, Kestrel and All3 are really awesome! They went ahead and got some great measurements out of the sessions so that when the next bike comes in, they can have it set up and ready to ride fast! That is really exciting! That means that I will not be sporting my 4000 at St. George, but I will be ok. It never was going to be my fastest anyway!


  1. Sounds like you had a great trip!

    Heck, you could probably ride a road bike for IMSG and be very comfortable. Those downhills on a TT look pretty scary!!!

  2. you are so hardcore! love your blog!

  3. I used to go to camp up in Asheville; fun place. And don't worry; that course isn't anyone's PR. It's definitely a race that proves your a badass though!