Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So, it was pointed out to me that I said that I ran 30 miles last week on Wednesday. I did not. I have run 30 miles before, and I can assure you that I did not get up and do an 80 mile climbing ride chasing my super fast husband the next day. I only ran 14 last Wednesday.

Feel better getting that off my spastic little shoulders!

I rode with a couple of friends yesterday, and I was S-L-O-W. After last week, hill repeats were......not great. I decided that I simply did not have it in my legs to go after that hill. Oh well. I just rode up and down it instead of really going for it. And my friends dropped me while riding to the hill. Man, it was not really my day. But I still got in almost 3 hours of riding on a Tuesday after work, so at least there's that.

Here I am as a hill slug:

Not particularly looking forward to running 8 today, because I know I am still carrying a lot of fatigue. I will get it done and then have some rest before this weekend's monster brick:
1.5 hours swimming
5 hours riding
3 hours running

9.5 hours. Seriously. Now we are watching the weather again and considering that Sunday looks better than Saturday! We already did one long workout in the rain, so it might be nice to do this one in sunshine!

I don't think I even mentioned George yet! At the Cheaha Challenge, they now have some road races too, which is why we went! George won 2nd in Cat3 and had a killer race! I am super proud of him! He is pretty close to moving up to Cat2 :-) Go George!


  1. Good luck this weekend!! I like that little hill slug!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend. Good luck