Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moving Forward

I am sure my coach is going to read this before we meet....hehehehehe....

So, turns out life goes on after an IM! Crazy right!

In this picture it looks like they only thing in my future is some water and maybe a hairbrush.

And this picture is simply a face of relief. I promise.

But its true and its time to start moving ahead. Right now, I have spent an hour spinning on my bike and a 2 mile run. I am ready to race again! HA!

But really, on June 5th, I am racing the Olympic Distance at Rev 3 Quassy (1500m swim, 26 bike, 6.2 run). Who knows what my body will feel like doing that day. The course is supposed to be tough, and I have no idea how/if I will feel recovered.

I am really excited though! I will get to meet all of my trakkers teammates, and we are going to drive so that we can visit friends and family! Awesome!

Then, on June 11th, I am racing the 4.5 Chattanoooga Rat Race in the Tennessee River. I have GOT to get back in the water. Today! That is a long long way to swim--even if it is downstream! Maybe I should order some new TYR swim goodies!

Here's a pic from the start of their race!

Then, for the third time, I will be returning to the Ridges 5K Open water swim in Lake Hiawasse on June 26th. I love love love this race. I am terrible at these races. I mean, I am lousy. I am not a really fast swimmer, and I am TERRIBLE at sighting in open water. But I love getting in the water and swimming when swimming is your focus (and not being worried about riding or running). It is just a liberating thing for me to do every once in a while! I am always at the bottom of these races, but I do them anyway!

That's all fun and reasonable. I am registered for all of it. Excited and ready to have a fun June!

So here in the schedule is where it gets tricky!

I know that I want to race at Rev3 Cedar Point and Rev3 South Carolina. Right now I am signed up for the Full at CP and the Olympic at SC. Here's the rub. George and I signed up for IM Cozumel. The timing is better for him to develop his swim abilities--AND we want to do a full distance race together. It will be perfect for us! But I still want to do the full at CP! There is a half option, which I know my coach (and any sane person) would suggest.
I could also do the half at CP and the half at SC. That might make me feel better about it all. Hmmmmmm.....two fulls would be really exciting in the fall though......but risky.....

Editing this--I WILL end up doing what my coach and family decide is best. But I find people's input interesting....SOOO.....what do you think?

They are 11 weeks apart. Would you do both as fulls? Or would you be reasonable?

Do you do any races where you are just awful....but you do them anyway?

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  1. Kacie,
    We are so proud of you, but want most of all for you to be safe...and happy!
    I know you'll make the best decision for yourself.
    Love you,