Monday, August 22, 2011

Long Day Brought to you by.....

So my coach likes a long day before a big race on my schedule. I have had weeks of high volume that lead up to this weekend.

So when I see a light week 3 weeks before an Ironman...I know the weekend is going to be a monster....

And it was!

The day started with a bagel and PB! George was doing a different version of the long day, so I got to see him, and he was there to support me for the last few hours, which was great!

Then to the pool for a 1.5 hour set. I didn't count laps, I just swam. It was actually nice.

So lets be honest. I didn't want to spend my day smelling like in my own personal mini race, I took the time to wash my hair with....

That's right. I took the time to use my Triswim products before I carried on....and it was awesome. Don't worry, I am actually pretty good at real transitions!

Then, on to the bike. It was a hot hot hot 6 hours. One flat tire, a few stops to check my directions, a stop to see George ride in the opposite direction, 90 miles, and a stop to fill my aero bottle with.....

I am all about luxury on this day.

Only downside about my bottle of joy is that I kept giving myself cold headaches. But I couldn't stop drinking the slush puppie. I was out of control. Slurp. OW! Ok kacie, don't drink any more. But it is so cold. And so cherry. Sluuuuuurp. OOOOWWW. Rinse and repeat until it was gone....

Ended up at our T2 and got to see George, drink some coke, eat some pretzels, and hit the trail.

I needed to be out there for three hours, and it was tough. I took little breaks if it got technical (I have a bad history with eating dirt). George gave me drop bags of happiness, so I stopped and got my nutrition.

Everything went really really well until 2.5 hours into the run. And then I just hit the wall. It became a difficult run/walk/crawl for the last 30 minutes. To be honest, this is MUCH harder running than I have every done for this monster day, so I am pretty proud of it!

I figure that if my day started at 8:15 AM, and I don't feel bad until 7PM, I am ready for Rev3 Cedar Point....right?


  1. That slurpee looks SO good! Keep up the hard work.

  2. Wow that was a day wasn't it. I'd have to say you are so ready for Cedar POint!!!! I can't wait to see you again up there. It's getting sooo close!!!