Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Summer Summer!

This is just a quick reflection on an amazing summer. I go back to school tomorrow (which I am excited about). This is the first summer I have not worked, and has been great. I have loved the past two months. I am looking forward to the excitement of the beginning of the school year, but I just want to take a minute to reflect on my fantastic summer!

We had a great trip to CT to race with my teammates at Rev3 Quassy! Great Race!
Met some Hershy friends while driving through PA!
Swam a 4.5 mile race!

Raced a 10K with my speedy husband!
Raced a sprint which was George's first triathlon and then PR-ed in a 5K swim!9ylc.jpg

George enjoyed most every minute of the Tour de France...

I spent time with my wonderful family. My awesome brother and sister spent the night a few times, and we went hiking.

George and I took them out to try food they have never had (Thai food!)
Some good civil rights education up the street at the MLK center.
Then I spent some time at my parents enjoying the fact that my grandparents moved nearby! Yippie! Here is a picture of my sister's cat. SO funny after his summer shave that I had to share.

Then here he is going away! HA!

I took my sister to spend the night at the Chattanooga Zoo with Girl Scouts, and we stayed in the room with this cool guy! No mom, this is not a bear. Lizard. (There is a reason I went :-) )

I climbed up Fort Mountain (and a few of the gaps!)

One of those mountain climbs led to a disgusting case of Poison Ivy. Yes, I know it is gross, but this is my reflection people. ;-)

We had WAY too much fun doing the Peachtree!

I had a stupid wisdom tooth removed. I will just reflect on the ice cream.

George and I seasons of Dexter....Dark, but also great
I took TWO trips to Athens to hang with Mia and Sparkles!

We spent a fantastic week at Pawley's Island with George's family.
That trip included an 88 mile ride and incredible dinner to celebrate our 4th anniversary!
George made phenomenal progress on his PHD! He just can't wait to be an official Georgia Grad like me! hehehehe

I read a lot....good thing I got my nook!

I really feel like I did even more. But, I also spent time doing nothing. Not trying to brag, but it was great. The school year is SO incredibly busy, and I have two more ironmans this fall, so it is going to hit me hard and fast starting tomorrow.

I have appreciated the time with my team, my family, my sport, my friends, and of course, my awesome husband. I will certainly cherish this time, and I intend to take next summer off from teaching too!


  1. What a wonderful summer! So glad I got to meet you in Connecticut!

  2. I need a nap just reading that. :)

  3. looks and sounds like you had an awesome and adventurous summer!!! I can't believe it's almost over! Where has the time gone?!

  4. Holy smokes! This was the update of ALL updates. PhD's are a lot of fun, eh? I remember telling my wife as I was writing my dissertation, "... I think I am just going to disappear for a while." She quickly reminded me that we had four children (soon to be 5!)

    I am sorry, did you say you swam a 4.5 mile race?

    I appreciate George's enthusiasm for the tour.

    Keep rocking you guys. Will we see you at CP?

  5. Your awesome husband enjoyed it, too. :-)

    And yes, Mark, you will be seeing us at Cedar Point. Kacie is doing the Full Rev, and I'm doing the half. It will be fun!