Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spin for Kids

Training for Cozumel has been very busy, thus very few posts.

Last week, I spent the week in Williamsburg with 40 7th graders! I still got in some running in the morning, but we sandwiched the week with BIG workouts.  Last Saturday George and I did a 100 mile ride and a 6 mile run. The ride was HARD. I wasn't expecting that. But, I am stronger for it!

This weekend we did the 62 mile ride at Spin 4 Kids followed by a 13-14 mile run.  It was great! The ride was wonderful, the cause was fantastic, and the support is supurb.

If you are in the Atlanta area, and looking for a ride next year, this is the one. The cause is amazing, as Camp Twin Lakes is a really incredible place. There are a variety of courses. There was SO much great food at the rest stops, that I once considered staying there. If you have kids, they can stay and do camp activities and be taken care of while you ride! What more can you ask for???

I was very lucky, and had people to ride with (and push me,which I need!), I ran some alone, but then picked up my good friends for the last two legs of the run. The day flew by, my fitness felt solid, and I was happy the whole day (which for me is a great indicator of my training and my nutrition!). Note to self, bring banana bread to Cozumel ;-) and pumpkin cookies (yes, I ate a cookie on my run...and it was perfect!).

George and I were lucky enough to be invited to be on the Halpern's Team by Laura, who is my training buddy and runs this whole she-bang. It was a perfect day!!!

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  1. I almost want to make fun of you and George for wearing matching outfits, but I realize that you guys are way too badass for me to make fun of. Sounds like a killer ride/run. Keep working homeslice!