Monday, October 10, 2011

Rev3 Anderson Olympic Race Report

This weekend, I raced at Rev3 Anderson!!!

It was SUCH a great weekend. I would never have guessed that it was inaugural year. And it was not the easiest race to put on, but Rev3 really made it work! To be honest, I had a blast on this course!

We had dinner with my teammates on Saturday, which was great! Love seeing everyone and catching up or meeting new folks. Great evening!

To the race:

The swim: Nothing special. I swam fine, but not great. I could work on this. I think my swim fitness could peak again if I worked on it. I had a really good June for my swimming, but it has felt stagnant lately.

The bike: Oh man, NOT easy! It was hilly AND windy! Yikes! But, it was a FUN course! I had a great ride, and made up for some of that so-so swimming on my bike. My confidence in my bike has risen, and I am fired up about that. It was not really a course suited to me, so I am happy about my time!

The run: Here was my real surprise. My legs have been tired and sore all week. I have done exactly 1 speed workout in months and months. I went out in about an 8 minute mile. Opps. I am not really ready for that. And then I did another. And another. And before I new it, I was at mile 5 and wrapping it up in my best 10K this year (including my stand alone 10K this year!). You know what. I'll take it.

I could feel the depth of my endurance while I was out there. I knew I was capable of a good race, but I certainly doubted myself A LOT before hand. I had a ton of thoughts that were really negative going into this race. My last Oly was a 3:06 that I was not happy with. I was also 4 weeks out from an Ironman then too, and I could really feel it. I kept on saying to myself and out lout, "I am not good at these shorter things." To be honest, I didn't feel Cedar Point in my legs at all. I just felt ready to go and solid out there. It was a huge confidence builder for me.

Here's my results in the numbers:


  1. WOW! Great job out there!

    I am finding out that IM base goes a long way for speed work... Dig deep and be surprised :)

    Really wanted to do this one this year too. Sad we didn't do it now!

  2. WOO HOO! You did awesome girl! I'm loving following your season... I think you're going to rock, yet again, another IM distance in Cozumel. AMAZING! Congrats!

  3. Great race! It is definitely on my radar for 2012, but considering the half rev! Glad you thought the course was challenging, but still fun!

  4. WOAH! I looked at your number. Damn Kacie; freakin' solid work. Congrats; you should be proud

  5. As always, awesome to hang out with you. Congrats on a great job!