Thursday, May 3, 2012

Road Bike Makeover!

Since joining my RAAM team, I am spending a LOT more time on my road bike.

The tri-bike's name is Pepper. In the Ironman comic, Pepper is Ironman's assistant, and in my 140.6's Pepper is my assistant! She has been great to me! I bought her used about 5 weeks before IM Louisville, and I love her!

But, RAAM isn't just about the tri bike! I need a good quality roadie to climb those mountains! So, Bella is out of her resting period, and she is back in business! I bought Bella about 4 years ago, and she is an excellent bike. She has not had much ride time since I got Pepper though....

So I brought her in to the good people at All3 Sports, and told them that I wanted a Bike Makeover!

Give it a week, and they replaced my handlebars for better climbing, a lighter stem, new white cable housing, new PINK chain, new handlebar tape, a new saddle! She's like a whole new bike!

Ok--so the wheels are loaners, but man, I would love to have them!

Check out this pink chain! My phone camera does not do it justice! It is SO cool!

I am so excited about this makeover! I bought her a few more accessories! I decided that a houndstooth saddlebag would surely pull the look together, and my my my it is CUTE!

                                              White Houndstooth Saddle Bag

And THEN, I needed a few new socks to really pull the look together....I might actually be developing a sock problem. We have bought a TON of swiftwick socks, which we love. And now, I need anything with this general look too:
Wild Child Socks 
and these 
Bonnie Socks
(the skulls have little bows on them!)

So, you see, I've got this whole LOOK going on now with Bella.

When I got up to the top of Neel's Gap for the second time this week, there was the usual group of motorcyclists were hanging out at the top. One guys said to me, "we saw you coming up the mountain, and we all think you are one BAD woman." It was said in the most complimentary of ways! 

I think my bike makeover look is working!


  1. I love the "one bad woman" comment! That bikes is saweet... and the chain is pink? I'm sold that it totally makes you even more of a badass woman! :)

  2. That bike is HOT! How did I miss you are doing RAAM???

  3. Hot bike!

    The extreme home makeover show bores me, but if there was an extreme bike makeover show - I'd DVR the F outta that thing.

  4. How did you get a pink chain? That totally sets off the bike. I would love a blue one for my Mukluk.

    Looks great!

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  6. Why didn't I get the live retelling of this story when I asked for a recap of life from the backseat on the way to Knox>>> ??? "One bad woman" could've been our new rap with Dr. G on the lead vocals.

  7. Simply wicked but awesome! Such good bike you have there! Happy pedaling!

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