Thursday, May 3, 2012

RAAM Training is in Full Swing!

After the big training weekend, we got right into the (less than) weeks of good training time I have until I go on a trip with my students.

Here's the general idea of it starting from last week:

 I was supposed to go to masters, but after that whole "no sleep" thing, I slept right on through it. In the afternoon I did my strength work.

5 am 1.5 hour trainer workout with some intervals, some power drill, and some climbing drills.
Evening was a 2 hour ride with hill repeats.

5 am 1.5 hour trainer workout just like Tuesday
Evening 2 hour ride with 20 minute intervals that were harder efforts

5 am 1.5 hour same workout
Evening was a 2 hour ride, and George and I joined in on a group ride in Roswell to add some efforts into this ride. We both had a blast!

AM Masters, and my worst swim in a really long time. Told coach how terrible my swim was, and he told me to skip my evening workout and go to bed early.
Laying in bed by 7:30 pm :-)

5.5 in the Gaps, and managed 75 miles (these are gaps miles people, I understand that that is half an hour slower than my last century), and 8000 ft of climbing.
Dinner with Jill, Colleen, and Kristin! Got in bed after midnight.

Up before 4 AM to go to George's race! He was awesome!

Then, we had a lovely lunch at R.Thomas, shopped for food, and cooked a bunch of Dani's recipes for the week!

It's coming up really soon! We are just trying to cram in as much quality training as possible in the next few weeks, knowing I am going to have to miss some time for work. I will be as ready as I can  be!

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  1. Ahhh... RAAM training - never been through it but totally get it! I hope to join you for a ride soon - if I can keep up! :)

    I had such a great time on Saturday night. Let's do it again soon!