Sunday, June 10, 2012

RAANDOM RAAM Updates--Pre-departure

Yesterday, we packed up all of our bikes and gear into four vans that I will see again in Oceanside on Wednesday!

Our Race Across America team is officially ready!

Leading into this packing day, I was training myself into the ground. So much so that I spent most of the day today just watching TV, napping, and finding more food to eat! I think that means that you came to the end of your training cycle and broke yourself down as much as possible.

Yesterday, we packed up, and our team blog has some great pictures that I am stealing about how our vans look:

Anne sparkles and I worked really hard with all of the tools and stuff. hehehehe. Our Team blog called it strategizing!

I was worried that I would be really sad saying goodbye to my bikes, but I mostly just wanted some fro yo and some sleep...which I got promptly after packing!

A little trippy that it is backwards, but here is our team shirt:

And the back has a great picture of Blaze!

And here is our team kit:

But we also have a team post up about the roster of people who are a part of this team!

Mostly, I like that Anne's picture is from my double iron:

And that Sparkles' picture does not disappoint:

Mine is from Rev3 Knoxville:

So the thing I can't stop thinking about right now is that Leslie's tubs of gear (Leslie is a friend who is also a racer on the team) have hot pink zebra print duct tape on them. And mine don't. I think I need to pull myself together before this race starts.

I had dinner with my good friends Jill and Colleen this week, which was a blast.  We had a great time, tons of food, and lots of laughs! Colleen's husband has raced RAAM twice with Team Type 1, who are super fast! She gave me the most thoughtful gift of "things I didn't know I would need" for RAAM, including pink earplugs and a sleeping mask! Brilliant! Thanks you two!

Profile Picture

And my wonderful husband George gave me these sunglasses as a "RAAM Present."

Why yes, they DO match the helmet I am wearing in this picture EXACTLY!

I also bought this guy for our van's dashboard:


  1. Aw... you are too sweet for including us in this post! I love all the pictures. Those glasses are hot (are they Ryders by any chance... I'm wanting some hot pink ones). Enjoy the next two days and I've bookmarked your team page to follow you.

    So proud of you for taking this on. You are amazing little lady!