Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tracking me as I Race Across America!

Quick run down of this race:
  • I am on an 8 person team that is supporting the Shepherd Center in Atlanta.
  • Between the 8 of us, we will race over 3000 miles.
  • We will be racing continuously, as the clock never stops in RAAM!
  • The race for us starts on June 16th at noon.
  • We hope to be done in 6-ish days!
  • We have 5 vehicles that are travelling as a part of our team.
  • We are in four teams of 2, and each team will be taking a 5 hour shift ON (riding), and a 15 hour shift off!

Here is the tracking information:

The ACTUAL race website is here, and they do a variety of tracking and web videos about the race. George and I love following this website every year, and this year I will be on it! So great :
Race Across America

My team will have an ongoing blog that is ONLY about our team! There are great pictures and updates throughout the race, and you can find that here!:

My personal updates will be on my blog, my facebook, and my twitter accounts!

Facebook (if you want to follow me here, feel FREE to friend me!): http://www.facebook.com/kacie.darden 

Twitter (same with twitter!): https://twitter.com/#!/kacie_tri_ing

Donations to the Shepherd center can be made at this website. We and the patients there appreciate anything you are willing to or able to give!

Cheers! And thanks for following my crazy adventures!


  1. Go Kacie!!! Can't wait to follow your crazy crew!

  2. This is awesome! I'm doing a cross-country tour this summer and a lot of people ask me if I'm 'racing' across the country. I can at least tell them that I know SOMEONE is racing across the country!!! Good luck!