Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mini-Camp in Florida!

Last weekend, I got to spend the weekend with Dani and Laura back in Ft. Lauderdale!

We had three wonderful days of riding.


Dani and I had a on/off RAAM simulation workout. We were supposed to do 1.5 hours on/1 hour off 4 times. We headed out into the pouring rain. Great.

Our motto for the day became, "better wet than cold!"

We spend our first break drying off in the hotel. Then Dani and I headed out for a longer ride and ended up in beautiful Palm Springs where we wiped ourselves dry with bathroom paper towels and sat down for a lunch at a diner.

We knocked out a shorter third ride back to Delray Beach. We sat down at a smoothie/juice bar and started talking to everyone about our RAAM adventure. They decided that we should all do shots of ginger juice to toast our race! They left out the part where they topped it with cayanne pepper! Holy Spicy!

Warmed up from the spicy juice, we headed back to the hotel for ride number 4 for a total of 111 miles!

We changed clothes, and went out to a really phenomenal dinner with Laura!


We got up and headed down to south Miami to meet up with Ken and Leslie! They brought us on a beautiful ride with some great roads! We rode into the everglades where we saw baby alligators! I really wanted to put one in my pocket. Somehow, I resisted!

We made a MANDATORY stop at Robert is Here for key lime milkshakes. These are seriously the best milkshakes on earth.

We ended the day with 100 miles on the bike, and Leslie joining our crew! I am so excited!! We had a fantastic day with some amazing friends!


We woke up and headed out with Laura for the morning's first ride. We kept riding between storms!

Then, we stopped at our old friend the juice bar, and headed back out for the last part of the ride . We ended the day with 105 miles and a total of 316 miles for the weekend!

We had some time to relax, and then we took off and headed back home....

It was a great weekend of training and friendship. It was wonderful to get the chance to train with Dani and have nothing else to do but ride and talk about riding....I hope to have many more weekends like this as we venture closer to the big week!


  1. Yay! So glad that you girls had a great time. What a beautiful place!!!

  2. Love it! That sounds like so much fun even with the rain- I agree about better wet than cold! You girls are going to do awesome!