Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Powerbar Cookies and Cream and Kona Punch

These are my two favorite nutrition products for long ride days.

Ok, let's be honest, they are my favorite nutrition items for short rides too.

I have talked plenty in the past about my love of the cookies and cream bar. There have been many days when eating that bar is my reason to train! There is something about this bar that has me hooked. When I tried going vegan for a few months (instead of my normal vegetarian), this was my one exception. THAT is how much I love them.
This puppy is one of my go to pre-ride snacks or a mid ride pick me up on long days. If you ride in the morning, they go very well with a steaming and warm cup of coffee. That's a pro level tip people.

Powergels are my go-to gel for most any workout. I love how thin they are. They are much easier to get down than most gels. My favorite flavors are raspberry and Kona punch.

They are light and bright flavors with just enough tang to them to keep you from getting fatigued. I use them every 30 minutes in long days and then I do something longer on the 2 hour mark. For example, in the double iron, I literally went through multiple cases of them. I brought 4 cases to our training camp in Florida last week and only came back with one! I do not like drinking sports drinks, so I love that I am able to get the nutrition and the electrolytes I need in quickly and easily, and then I prefer to drink water.

Love these things, and cant' wait to keep pounding them as a part of my RAAM training this year!


  1. KonaPunch sooooooooooooo good! :D

  2. Kacie has been known to pack two Cookies and Cream bars, and eat one of them before she gets out of the parking lot.

  3. Those gels are the best because they are so thin!!! By the way, nice work killing it out there on your bike last week. I was following you on twitter. AMAZING!!!