Monday, March 18, 2013

200 Mile Training Ride

In case you were wondering what I've been up to, the answer is probably just riding my bike!

After the crew retreat, George and I flew down to south florida again to train with my buddy Laura.

We had a great trip--and the big POINT of the trip was a 205 mile ride on Saturday.

We left the hotel in Fort Lauderdale at about 4:30 am. It was dark and windy, so George rode in the car behind me on my bike (like we will do in RAAM). He got pulled over by the police! Whoops! Apparently it's not normal to ride in your car at 4:30 am behind your wife on a bike. Who knew?

When we got to Palm Beach, George parked the car, and got on his bike. While getting ready, this total character came over and started talking to us. He told us that he would be running for president in a few years. He didn't seem to have a platform, but he was quick to tell us about the skeletons in his closet. We advised him not to lead with the skeletons. Oh the places you will go and people you will meet while on your bicycle!

George rode out to Fort Pierce with me. When we turned around, the tailwind was AWESOME (see how I didn't really talk about 100+ miles of headwind?!).

When we got back around Palm Beach, George got back in the car (I asked him to find me some fresh florida juice!), and Laura hopped out of a car and rode the remainder of the ride with me.

Not gonna lie, I was pretty happy to be done, BUT I felt better in the last 30 miles than I did earlier in the ride.

I am pretty lucky that I could do such a fun ride with friends and my awesome husband in a beautiful place!

The next day, we woke up and got a massage over looking the ocean. It hurt cause I was sore!

I know, no one actually feels bad for me.

Then it was about food....



And getting my nails done!

Then we headed home to Atlanta...more bike riding to come


  1. Absolutely Incredible Ride! You're a beast! 205 miles? That's beastly. Good for you, and I'm glad you've got great friends and an awesome hubby to do it all with you. Keep up the good work. RAAM ain't got nothing on you!