Thursday, April 4, 2013

Follow us on Heart of the South!

Starting at midnight Freiday, Dani and I will be racing in the Heart of the South 500--but let's be real--it's 517 miles folks! It leaves from Birmingham and does a look in Georgia before you head back to to Alabama!

Dropped off my bikes for tune ups thanks to our sponsor All3 Sports! Thanks!

 We had a crew meeting--Keith, George, Beau, and Anne are our fearless leaders for this race! Honestly though, there was as much trash talking about who would make the best playlist as actual planning. Playlists are a big deal people.

We will be divided into two cars with two crews. Dani's car will have Keith and Anne in charge, and my car (which has fresh brakes, oil change,and rotated tires) will have George and Beau.

The race starts at midnight, and Dani and I will take turns of about 30 minutes each riding. This race has over 35,000 feet of climing and goes over Lookout Mountain, Fort Mountain, and Cheaha Mountain. On the giant climbs, we are going to take very short turns to try to keep the pace up. We are expecting this race to take in the neighborhood of 30 hours to finish.

I spent the day packing--I have changes of clothes (in all varieties). I am hoping for weather nice enough during the day to wear my awesome Moxie jerseys!

We also just got the CUTEST reflective gear, and you are going to see some great pictures of it, since half of this race is at night! When you see it, check out Vespertine!
So, two bikes, three sets of wheels, lots of first aid, TONS of food, and tools galore. I think I'm ready to roll tomorrow.

I haven't finished my playlists, but they are coming, and they will be great!

There is no regular tracking, but we will be upating our team facebook page, team twitter (@powerponytails), and feel free to also check and add my personal facebook page, and personal twitter (where I will be updating when I can!). I Love love love hearing from people while we are out on the road, and I appreciate all bits of support!


  1. 30 hours? You guys are beastly! I know it's going to be tough, but y'all will kick some major booty. I facebooked you so I can follow your progress. Good luck!

  2. Woot!! Good luck! You guys are going to have an amazing time! Can't wait to hear all about it!!