Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I love finish lines

Everyone is struggling with the events in Boston. So am I. I am feeling so sad about something terrible that happened in a place that I love--the end of a race.

Thinking about finish lines is really the only way I know how to process this right now. I don't want someone to take away why I or you love them.

I want to take a minute and remember why I love finish lines.

They are places of joy.

They are places of relief.

They are places of accomplishment.

They are places of raw human emotion.

They are places to celebrate all of the hard work you put into getting there.

They are places to celebrate with friendships that grew deeper on the course.

They are places where you can reflect on loved ones that got you there.

They are places you can spend time with the team of people that you raced with.

They are places you go back to at the end of a race to cheer for total strangers who you can't wait to see finish.

They are places to laugh about the good times and laughter of a race.

They are places to celebrate not just your success, but the success of your competitors who might just become your friends.

They are places to think about where you have been, and where you are going.
I love finish lines. I really do.


  1. Agree with above comment - this is a powerful post!

  2. Me too
    I was looking for your 10:30 IM in your race history and then realized that is a guy in the pic. Then I saw your St George. I will miss that one...

    1. That was me at the end of a very difficult day in Kona. Indeed, I was very relieved to be crossing the line.

  3. I love this... Finish lines hold such a special meaning to all of us. You said it best!