Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Riding my bike!

I have been riding my bike a LOT lately! This fall is all of my base phase before the build starts in december/january for my big 2103 goal. I don't feel quite ready to publish that goal, but I will soon!

Once our crazy summer travel stopped, I got into base training. It has been 20-25 hours a week of riding, plus swimming, a little running, some strength, and a dab of yoga. The fact that this feels normal combined with the fact that this is just the BASE phase is terrifiying.

I try not to think about it though....and just take it one day/week/session at a time.

I have found some serious motivation in a few ways lately.

1. Supporting others.

SO many people have supported me in my goals, and I feel SO lucky that I  have had the chance to support them.


My awesome husband qualified for Kona. It has been tough mentally for him to hop back into yet another IM training cycle. I have become "Kona Crew" or KC--which we thought was fitting! I am joining him in the pool every time I can. We are doing lots of sets and we take turns drafting on each other. It keeps the energy level and effort really high. We are trying to turn him into a fish for this part of the race:

We have also gone out of our way to do lots of cycling events in different places to keep his spirits high by riding lots of new roads. I am so very proud of him and excited to see him race in October!


  Laura has been my tightest training buddy. She has been by my side for SO many training and racing adventures. She ran 40+ miles of the double iron next to me. She wats registered for Ironman Mont Treblant, but so many work commitments got in the way of her training. In the last month, she had a setback due to the rubber leaving the road on her bike. She nursed herself back to health, and we forged ahead. George and I rode her last long ride with her. I couldn't keep up with her running anymore (since I am barely running still), but we rode lot of miles side by side talking and encouraging each other towards our goals. This one was a tough one just to get to the starting line, but I think that sometimes that makes the finish line even sweeter. On Sunday, she went 12:58, and I am SO proud of her I can hardly stand it! Go Laura!!

She is riding in to the distance. I was sending her strong leg vibes ALL day Sunday!


She might kill me for writing about her, but I find her SO inspiring. Anne told me at the end of RAAM that she wanted to ride a bike. One of our teammates owns the shop Cycleworks here. We spent the afternoon with him working on a bike fitting and some instruction. She bought a gorgeous Trek 2.3 aluminum road bike with Shimano 105s, which I think is a great intro bike! We have ridden on the Silver Comet Trail and around Roswell. She has already gotten up to a 35 mile ride, Every time we ride, she has tons of questions about cycling, because she truly wants to understand and engage with the bike. Riding with someone who is discovering the joys of riding a bike is exciting for me and reminds me of all of the reasons that I ride! I am SO proud of her risk taking and commitment to taking on a new sport that can be so intimidating.

2. Riding in events to keep it fresh

George and I have ridden in a few events lately. I think that new roads, new people, and new challenges keep riding exciting.
  •     We started this series with a 100 mile ride with Laura before her IM. She chose the roads, and we were just along for a ride! It was a great day!
  • Covington Century came next. It was a fast and easy course. I enjoyed the people and theroads. The support on course was mediocre, the markings were tough to read, and it poured rain on us. I did get to see lots of wonderful people like Tom, Collen, and Steve though!
  •  Then we went to the Chattooga Century. George did the 200k, which I had intended to do, but I got multiple flats, so I just rode the century to save some time! This was very well supported and they had great aid stations. I would recommend this ride to anyone!
  • Last weekend, we took an impulsive trip up to Asheville for the Blue Ridge Breakaway. It is a 105 mile climb with 10,000ft of climbing. It was an exceptional ride! Beautiful, hard, well supported, and chip timed! George was the first rider in, and even though I lost about an hour to chattting at aid stations and eating oreos, I was still the third woman. Next time I am timed, I might speed it up a little :-) This was an exceptional weekend riding, running, and eating delicious food, and generally soaking in the happiness which is the mountains!

3.  Planning the next adventures!

As soon as we left Asheville, I started planning our return to Asheville! Planning the next adventure keeps me excited about having rides that are 6+ hours on my schedule. In the next couple of  months we will be taking a tour of southern centuries! Will you be at any of these? Wanna ride with me!?

  Savannah Century

There might be a few more, but this is what is currently on my google calendar!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh summer....

This has been a remarkable summer. Really--a summer to remember. I am SO very lucky.

Last night, George proposed a toat to "a summer well spent." I must say that I couldn't agree more!

First, we went to Quassy to race at Rev3 and had some great races!

Photo: Relay road trip 2 to CT !

Photo: Danbury, CT :Quassy Rev 3 triathlon 2nd place relay team ! Go team!

Then, I went to race RAAM, which was an incredible experience.

Then, I hopped right on a plane to Spokane, Washington, grabbed a car, and drove to watch George race in Ironman Coure d'alene. He KILLED it. He went 9:45, a 2:59 marathon (fastest amauter), and a slot to Kona. He's the cute one on the left.

And here he is taking that slot so we get to go to Hawaii in October! I am SO proud of him.

Then, we headed to London to see George's sister, her husband, and our three sweet neices who have been living there for the past year. We got to spend 10 days in London, and we split our time between family and seeing the city!

It was great to get hugs and kisses from those girls!

We had high tea!

We went to Buckingham Palace. We ate meringues. Sometimes at the same time.

We got back from London, and went to the beach the next day. I don't have any pictures. I layed in a hammock, got back on my bike a little bit, and read a lot. Great way to end a month of crazy awesomeness.

Since all of that, I have been working really hard doing things like riding my bike a lot, making really really really big plans for 2013 racing, spending time with family, and working on my waterfall braiding.