Monday, February 28, 2011

Catching Up!

So I am a bit behind, and it's just time to just pull it together and post!

Things are good here!

I saw the Dr. on Thursday, and he said, "it's time to train for your Ironman."

So, I am doing it.

I did a great trainer session on Thursday, and Saturday I rode 30 windy hilly miles on my own, and ran 9 miles on the real ground (no treadmill) on Sunday with my mom! So, it begins! 9 weeks and 5 days!

It will not be my fastest, but with the conditions of the race, it never was going to be my fastest. But I feel like I AM going to be able to do it. Time to start visualizing the finish line and the finisher's store ;-)

So, Trakkers--is AWESOME! Updates abound!

First off--my shoes:

Since I have actually been training, I have been running in these puppies, and I love them! They are not as cusion-y as the shoes I had been running in, and I was worried. But I really like them a lot. They just work! They feel like they make sense on my feet, and they give me what I need without overdoing it. I am a happy little camper in them, and they look good ;-) I hand all of my shoes over to my mom when I done with them. She liked them too, and she knows that they will turn into her shoes in a few months!

I also received this awesome box of SBR sports. Awesome. I seriously love this stuff. Can I just focus on my current favorite thing in the box?

This glorious little can rocks my world. I chafe a lot. Seriously. I have to use some kind of anti-chaffe stuff for every bike ride and every run. This stuff is a spray. That is awesome, because it is SO much less likely that I am actually miss a spot. I must say that I really love this stuff.

You guys know I am sponsored by these guys, just so you know :-)

I should be getting a new schedule pretty soon, and I am excited to get into it (cautiously of course!).

Allright--that was the beginning of a catch up--I'll actually be back soon!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Big Week and Progress

This was a huge week for me!

Monday: Physical Therapy--good stuff. Lots of strength and taking care of some issues around my knee.

Tuesday: ART appointment and 3000 yds in the pool

Wednesday: 2 Mile run--you heard me right. I actually felt better when I was DONE running than before I started. And...physical therapy.

Thursday: ART and 3500 yds in the pool. This time the graston stuff left bruises--and I am really not a bruiser!

Friday: Another successful 2 mile run and 2000 yds in the pool.

Saturday: 4250 yds in the pool (5 minutes faster than last week!)

Sunday: 4 mile run, 1500 yds in the pool, and my first acupuncture appointment! I thought it was great, by the way!

Not only is my knee making progress, but my amazing team has started sending me goodies!

This sweet note was on the back of my team temporary tattoos!

And I had to model for you! A clear force to be reckoned with:

Did you notice my adorable team visor. It is impossible to race in triathlons without visors. They kick you out. Really.... Actually, I just love them.

My team wants to be sure I am hydrated!

AND...I got my first pair of Avia shoes! I love them! They are the Avi Quest Lites. They felt different than the old shoes, but I have had 2 pain free runs, and I can't ask for anything more than that...except maybe they are cute and have glittery portions....I think that helps! They are really light and comfy!

I decided I needed to model them. I said to George, "do you think I should put on both shoes?" He mumbled some comment about how my pajamas were the bigger problem! (which he gave me for christmas! Paul Frank + polka dots + monkey skull and crossbones = perfect!)

I'll be back soon! More progress to be made!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Healers!

Since I have been talking about recovery so much, people tend to ask me who I see for this or that. I figured that would make a great blog post!

Starting with my coach: Will Dillard

Some might not call your coach a healer, but mine is! Mine holds me back more than he pushes me. This is GREAT. I am a overacheiver, like most triathletes, and being held back is what I need! Before every race, I doubt if I am ready, but I know that coach doesn't let me hit a start line unless he truly believes I am ready! He believes in me, and he is invested in my success! I am very lucky to be working with Coach! This is NOT some internet coaching deal. I see my coach a LOT, and he answers all of my questions (and I have a LOT). We have been working together for 2.5 years already! He has taken me through my first marathon, 3 half ironmans, an ironman, and lots of other races. AND, I have improved. A. Lot.

Need a coach that seriously cares about you? Check out Coach Will:

My sports chiro: Josh Glass

georgia sports chiropracticolympic gold medalist angelo taylor

Oh man, what has Josh NOT done for me? Josh has helped me through every injury I have ever had. He is supportive, and always has my best interest in mind. He is an awesome chiropractor, and he is willing to try anything on me! Cold laser, alterg treadmills, pneumatic compression and anything else he has access to. I feel like a pro when I am in there!

My massage therapist: Sara Wolfgang

Where to even start with this one? I did write a whole post about it! I love this girl. She come to races with me, she makes time for me, and she is a dear friend. And she hurts a lot.

ART and Graston: Nik Delfavero

This is a new addition to Team Kacie, and I am super grateful. So grateful that my leg has bruises on it, and I can't touch my calf this morning :-) But really, he has been a huge help with my current issue!

My Nutritionist: Ilana Katz

I haven't seen her in a while, but I learned SO much from her, and I will continue to learn. I should probably go back :-) I called her and said, "I am a vegetarian training for an Ironman." And she said, "you should see me immediately." While lots of people have trouble with nutrition, especially the meatless type, I was fueled and healthy before, during, and after my 140.6. She is great.

Physical Therapists! And yes, that is plural!

Chris Olson
The Sports Rehabilitation Center, Atlanta, Georgia

She helped me through my first running injury in my hip. She is hilarious, and kept me laughing when I wanted to cry! She does dry needling, which is awesome. Her schedule is not conducive to mine anymore (we teachers are inflexible most of the year!) now I see....

Jessical Daniell at Neurosport in Buckhead

So far, she has been awesome. She also helps me with my swimming while we are talking, which is great. I have the up most faith that we will get through my current issue, but I will be stronger when I am done!

I am oh so very fortunate to have all of this help! As I add people, I will tell you more about it!

I am also adding the power of positive thinking to my arsenal :-)

Do you have people? Anyone have a kind of person (sport psych etc.) that are not on my list? We can't do this stuff alone, and it is always good to know that so many people have your back!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Decision Made!

After endless hours of considering what to do, I finally made a decision.

I turned down my slot for Ultraman this year. It is just not the year for me. Yes, I still want to do it, but this is not the time yet. It is not going away, and I will come back stronger and better prepared, thus more likely to finish that monster of a race.

Making this decision just leaves me in SUCH a better mental place. Having the decision over with and actually working on my knee for actual reasons is great. I know that sounds crazy, but I just feel this incredible relief. I have chosen my path, and so I am going to go down it with as much enthusiasm and focus as I can!

That leaves me with my actual season!


First, of course, is healing my knee. I am making progress, and I think I will be able to carry on with training pretty soon. The next two weeks are going to be great healing weeks! 4 appointments this week! 2 ART and 2 PT. Maybe I will add in some acupuncture ;-)

For the Races:

Ironman St. George

Rev3 Quassy Olympic

Revolution 3 Quassy

Rev3 Cedar Point Full Rev

Revolution3 Triathlon Race Series

Rev3 South Carolina Olympic

Revolution3 Triathlon Race Series

So, Coach and I are focused on healing on my knee and getting me to St. George. It is not going to be my fastest race, but knowing the course, it never was going to be my fastest. I will go with my friends, have a great weekend, and eat a TON of food in Vegas afterwards :-) My goal is just to make it through healthy (even if there is much less running than normal!), enjoy the camaraderie of my friends racing, and have a great trip out west!

Then, I hope to spin off of that fitness for a good race in Quassy. We ARE going to purse a good time in Cedar Point, and enjoy racing in SC. I think it will be great.

We are looking for an adventure/trip/race in late June. I am open to suggestions (now that I will not be training for only one race all year). We are throwing around anything fun in Colorado, Oregon, and/or Alaska. What do you think?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's Decision Time

So, here I am with TOO many choices. That's a good thing, right?!?!

I applied for Team Trakkers, and was accepted!!! Great news.....

That means that I have all of the Rev3 races at my little green fingertips! Have fun with my team, travel, and racing. Sounds awesome!!

AND, the email I have been waiting for. I was accepted to Ultraman Canada. I applied a long time ago, and have been waiting to find out.

Now, I have been agonizing over this decision all week. Even though I can do Ultraman Canada and race a few Rev3 races, I simply can't do it all. I really can't. My body will not take it. My coach is not on board for that.

If I do UM Canada, my coach and I decided that I have to give up St. George, and only do shorter Rev3 Races. That would be a big deal. I would not be excited about giving that up, but with recovering from this injury, I know he is right.

If I do not do UM Canada, I will be doing IMSG, Olympic Rev3 Quassy, Full Distance at Rev3 Cedar Point, and Olympic Rev3 in South Carolina.

Also, UM Canada is costly.

And, my knee is not quite better yet.

But I have been thinking about UM Canada for months.


Pretty much every time I have thought about it this week, I have come to a different conclusion. This is tough!

And I have to decide by....Tuesday


I will let you know when I make a decision....