Sunday, January 16, 2011

Disney Weekend (Extended due to Snowmageden) In Pictures

Thanks to TyTy, I can post up pictures of our weekend.

Getting ready for the half at the expo!

Dave inspiring his wife to have a stellar race. Or being a dragon.

Pre-race cuban food. I mean really pre race. We had to get up at 3, so this dinner was practically breakfast!

Trying to get this sucker to behave.

3 AM Pre Race Cuteness! Go TyTy!!! First Half Marathon!!!

George killing it! Did you see his time in the last post. Yeah, my husband is fast :-) This is his "in his 30's" PR. And his racing flats have dragons on them!!

George Darden

Last bit of our "off season," which means we are enjoying the heck out of some ice cream. Fortunately, lactose intolerant Dave decided to "man up" (those were George's words, seems strange way to describe ice cream) and join us.

Mamma Spark decided to make everyone an AWESOME italian dinner on Saturday night. I am still dreaming about that lasagna!

Team Poison Apple. We are really really tough. Can't you tell?

Preparing for our big day cheering by playing in the arcade!

Good thing we had shirts made for this race. It was WAY too cold to wear them!! Making signs to prepare to cheer.

Sometimes the signs only make sense to us. Ok, some of them don't even make sense to us, but it sounds good to call them inside jokes, right? Clearly, we were all really tired.... except Dave!

First Time Marathon Finishers!!!!! I am super proud of them!!!

SOOO incredibly proud of Sparkles! She is amazing! She just started running and here she is finishing a marathon!!!!

Post marathon.....look, you can see a little bit of our shirts we made on George!

Enjoying an irish pub that night.

Making secret have to build a fort on the table for that.

Animal Kingdom on Monday! We can't take a serious picture!

Seriously, has anyone in this group ever taken a normal picture?

Due to snowmageden, we were FORCED to go to Harry Potter World. Forced!!

A serious moment with the Lorax. Sparkles actually read the Lorax at our wedding ceremony.

Here we are at the castle before drinking the butterbeer in Harry Potter World. See how happy we seem?

Yeah, that did not really last. Though tasty, we were all sick pretty soon from the overload of sugary-sweet-ness. George still feels sick thinking about it.

My dream. If ONLY Jurassic Park were real. I would SO be there.

There you have it. Great races, great friends, and great fun.


  1. \hahaha ... what great pictures and a great bunch of friends. Looks like just an awesome time.

    Were they really calling it snowmagedden?

  2. LOVED this - awesome pictures. So much fun to have a bunch of great friends to go with - I went to that race with 2 friends and it was a lot of fun, but I think your group took the cake. Awesome.

  3. have I mentioned like a million times yet...I CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO DISNEY!!!! LOVE the pictures! Looks like you guys and gals had a blast!

  4. Looks like a great time! You do have to get up really early for the Disney race!!

  5. Love the pics - looks like you had a blast!

  6. I love to follow a blog with lots of pictures.... you can tell the type of books I read. glad you had fun down here in Florida.

  7. Oh wow! You had a great time! Very cool! Great pics!

  8. I've loved looking at all of the Disney/universal pictures, Kacie!!! Looks like such fun!
    Love you,