Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Preparing for the Race....race?

Ok, finally made a decision. I will be running the half at Disney. That's all. On my own.

Granted, my knee is sore today. Great.

Trying to be upbeat--can't you tell?

I know, I know. Big picture. Early in the season. Ironman in 4 months. I get it, just doesn't mean I like it!


In better news, I ordered a pair of these shoes thanks to Team Trakkers! I am SUPER excited.

Wicked fast looking, right? Well, when my knee works totally, I will be able live up to to them and their coolness. Seriously can't wait. They are soooo pretty....I just keep looking at them.....pretty......

Oh, and they are light too. Which means I will be fast, too! YES!

I mean, how awesome are these puppies going to look on me?

Really really awesome. Right answer.


AND--I am super super super excited to cheer everyone on at Disney. They are going to kill it.

I am meeting with Kelly to get our "Team Poison Apple" shirts we had made. I am going to post up a picture tonight, and they are going to be impressive!


  1. Hot shoes will definitely make you run faster! :) Good decision with Disney...

  2. Awesome shoes! You are still a rock star! FIST PUMP! It's T-SHIRT TIIME ! GTL!

  3. Hey I ordered the same shoes! :) Easy on that knee, tough decision on Disney, but it is sounds like a good one.

  4. ooooh I'm so jeaaalous! I LOVE DISNEY!!! Good luck this weekend!

  5. Have fun at Disney! Hope the knee is perfect :)

  6. Well..the half is better than none, right? Make sure you sport some Minnie ears on the course. The weather here in FL is supposed to be excellent for a run. Best of luck

  7. Congratulations on having the fortitude to stick with knowing what is right for your body right now. I know how difficult that can be sometimes.

    Hey—those shoes look really familiar... Are the women's the same as the men's? Uh oh.

  8. Hope you have a great race. I'm excited to get my shoes too!