Sunday, February 13, 2011

Big Week and Progress

This was a huge week for me!

Monday: Physical Therapy--good stuff. Lots of strength and taking care of some issues around my knee.

Tuesday: ART appointment and 3000 yds in the pool

Wednesday: 2 Mile run--you heard me right. I actually felt better when I was DONE running than before I started. And...physical therapy.

Thursday: ART and 3500 yds in the pool. This time the graston stuff left bruises--and I am really not a bruiser!

Friday: Another successful 2 mile run and 2000 yds in the pool.

Saturday: 4250 yds in the pool (5 minutes faster than last week!)

Sunday: 4 mile run, 1500 yds in the pool, and my first acupuncture appointment! I thought it was great, by the way!

Not only is my knee making progress, but my amazing team has started sending me goodies!

This sweet note was on the back of my team temporary tattoos!

And I had to model for you! A clear force to be reckoned with:

Did you notice my adorable team visor. It is impossible to race in triathlons without visors. They kick you out. Really.... Actually, I just love them.

My team wants to be sure I am hydrated!

AND...I got my first pair of Avia shoes! I love them! They are the Avi Quest Lites. They felt different than the old shoes, but I have had 2 pain free runs, and I can't ask for anything more than that...except maybe they are cute and have glittery portions....I think that helps! They are really light and comfy!

I decided I needed to model them. I said to George, "do you think I should put on both shoes?" He mumbled some comment about how my pajamas were the bigger problem! (which he gave me for christmas! Paul Frank + polka dots + monkey skull and crossbones = perfect!)

I'll be back soon! More progress to be made!


  1. Love the PJs....and I totally have a visor addiction after two years of tris. Congratulations on the running!

  2. Nice week of training! Those are some rockin' PJ's right there!

  3. I am addicted to visors, and I love your modeling!! You are like a PRO!

    I can't wait to get my avias!! Congrats on the running (and the swimming)!

  4. Kacie, you are too cute! I love my visor too - wore it all day yesterday! :)

  5. Woohoo! Horray for pain free runs.

    Sweet PJs too. Mine have little elks all over them.

  6. Yes, pain free knee is a good thing! Go Kacerieee!

  7. First, nice work on the progress and improvements!!! Keep it up. Also, visor rocks! Monkeys and skulls, too cool. Acupunchure is something I still want to try. I'm a believer in the Graston technique by the way. And nice workin on a 5 minute improvement on the swim. Impressive!!!

  8. good news about the knee! wooo hoooo!

  9. Love your modeling in your pj's-you're too cute!
    Love you,