Sunday, February 6, 2011

Decision Made!

After endless hours of considering what to do, I finally made a decision.

I turned down my slot for Ultraman this year. It is just not the year for me. Yes, I still want to do it, but this is not the time yet. It is not going away, and I will come back stronger and better prepared, thus more likely to finish that monster of a race.

Making this decision just leaves me in SUCH a better mental place. Having the decision over with and actually working on my knee for actual reasons is great. I know that sounds crazy, but I just feel this incredible relief. I have chosen my path, and so I am going to go down it with as much enthusiasm and focus as I can!

That leaves me with my actual season!


First, of course, is healing my knee. I am making progress, and I think I will be able to carry on with training pretty soon. The next two weeks are going to be great healing weeks! 4 appointments this week! 2 ART and 2 PT. Maybe I will add in some acupuncture ;-)

For the Races:

Ironman St. George

Rev3 Quassy Olympic

Revolution 3 Quassy

Rev3 Cedar Point Full Rev

Revolution3 Triathlon Race Series

Rev3 South Carolina Olympic

Revolution3 Triathlon Race Series

So, Coach and I are focused on healing on my knee and getting me to St. George. It is not going to be my fastest race, but knowing the course, it never was going to be my fastest. I will go with my friends, have a great weekend, and eat a TON of food in Vegas afterwards :-) My goal is just to make it through healthy (even if there is much less running than normal!), enjoy the camaraderie of my friends racing, and have a great trip out west!

Then, I hope to spin off of that fitness for a good race in Quassy. We ARE going to purse a good time in Cedar Point, and enjoy racing in SC. I think it will be great.

We are looking for an adventure/trip/race in late June. I am open to suggestions (now that I will not be training for only one race all year). We are throwing around anything fun in Colorado, Oregon, and/or Alaska. What do you think?


  1. ah that's gotta feel good! Glad you made the decision. Can't wait to see you at Quassy/CP and SC.

  2. Congrats on making the decision - that is the hardest part! Now, go and execute it! Hope the recovery continues to go well.

  3. I'm sure it was a hard decision, but I'm glad that you decided to do what you're doing! And now I get to meet you at CP!

  4. Yay for decisions!! Hope the week o' recovery goes great!

  5. OH see you at Quassy!! And CP! It feels so good once a decision is made, right?

  6. Good Deal! Now, heal, train, race....have fun :)

  7. You could come to Oregon! We've got a Rev3 half in July in Portland or Pacific Crest Sports Weekend in Sunriver in June.

    Pac Crest will be my first Oly and it's supposed to be a great event/weekend.

  8. Yeah! Glad to see you at all of the Rev3 races...and glad your mind is at ease with your decision.