Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's Decision Time

So, here I am with TOO many choices. That's a good thing, right?!?!

I applied for Team Trakkers, and was accepted!!! Great news.....

That means that I have all of the Rev3 races at my little green fingertips! Have fun with my team, travel, and racing. Sounds awesome!!

AND, the email I have been waiting for. I was accepted to Ultraman Canada. I applied a long time ago, and have been waiting to find out.

Now, I have been agonizing over this decision all week. Even though I can do Ultraman Canada and race a few Rev3 races, I simply can't do it all. I really can't. My body will not take it. My coach is not on board for that.

If I do UM Canada, my coach and I decided that I have to give up St. George, and only do shorter Rev3 Races. That would be a big deal. I would not be excited about giving that up, but with recovering from this injury, I know he is right.

If I do not do UM Canada, I will be doing IMSG, Olympic Rev3 Quassy, Full Distance at Rev3 Cedar Point, and Olympic Rev3 in South Carolina.

Also, UM Canada is costly.

And, my knee is not quite better yet.

But I have been thinking about UM Canada for months.


Pretty much every time I have thought about it this week, I have come to a different conclusion. This is tough!

And I have to decide by....Tuesday


I will let you know when I make a decision....


  1. Draw straws?? #1 priority should be healing the knee completely and being careful with the comeback so it doesn't linger :(
    Which of the 2 (UM or IM) would be easier to get back in?? I would guess that respect, skip that one??

  2. IMSG is a fun and challenging course. The locals really roll out the red carpet and a fireworks show at midnight (at least last year)

  3. Wow. Good luck. Heal that knee. That should be goal #1. OH ha...I just read Andree's comment. So yeah. What she says.

    With the knee OK, my gut says you could do IMSG another year (but that fee is already paid, so...ouch!), but UMCanada is tougher to get into....Good luck making your decision!

  4. I think straws might win! See the issue is that UM is a MASSIVE 3 day endurance event. Far more damage than an IM distance. Of course my knee is #1, but I am getting better :-) I will post a decision pretty soon!

  5. Hope your knee is healing well!

    If you are able and trained for it I would do UM Canada and then do some shorter REV3 races and just come out and volunteer, hang out and support the team at Cedar Point. UM Canada sounds like the hardest to get back into and it sounds like your really want to do that one, so do it. Good luck!

  6. Decisions... decisions...

    Wish I had some food for thought on this one, but only you know what's right. Keep us updated!!!