Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Possum Trot 10K

This weekend, George and I ran the Possum Trot 10K.

Neither of us had been doing speed work, so we had no idea what to expect.

This course is a flat one, with a few painful hills between miles 5 and6. I ran my 10K PR here, which is right at :49, but I knew I had no chance of that Saturday. I have done no speed work, I am 6 weeks out of St.George, and I had a big but great training week.

So over spaghetti (Friday night thing at our house!), we discussed our goals. George was hoping for around :37, and I wanted to be under :56.

We show up to the race, pick up our numbers, and get going to the start. We start going. I hit mile one at 8:20, which I was sure I could not maintain, so I tried to settle in a little. There was a long out and back, so I saw the leader way out front, and then I saw George in a pack of four behind him. I gathered my energy to cheer for him and then kept on going. I kept up the pace pretty well, and when I hit those last couple of hills, I was sure I was going to toss my cookies. Fortunately, cookies stayed in place, and I finished in 53:46! Yippie! Not lightening fast,but SO much faster than I have been running. George finished 4th overall in 34:56, which was first in his age group by a long shot.

This was not the most comfortable race, but that is good for me. I need to push myself some in a few shorter things, so that I get a little snappier in the longer stuff!

Next weekend is a 5K swim race!

Here's George with his medal! I am always SO proud of him at races! He is SO fast! Watch out Cozumel!


  1. Yay! Kacie, that's awesome... you both hit your goals!

  2. Whoo hoo! That's awesome!! Way to race!! :D