Thursday, June 23, 2011

Something New

So often on my blog, I talk about how proud I am of my husband, George.

He is a very accomplished running, and a Cat2 cyclist. When we go to races, he comes home with medals, free shoes, money, etc. It's lots of fun for me, as I get to pick over the goodies! :-)

Now, don't get me wrong, George works really really hard for what he accomplishes. But he is also good. That's just how it is.

George decided to become a triathlete for real. We signed him up for a sprint, olympic, half, and full all this year. But, not as crazy as it sounds, since he has done SO much cycling and running.

But not swimming.

So he started taking lessons. And it has been hard. There have been some great lessons, and there have been some bad days. Some days, he comes back feeling like it is starting to come together. Some days, he comes back feeling like a sinking brick in the water. AND, sometimes, he feels like he's the only one struggling with swimming (we did just go to that 4.5 mile swim and a ton of triathlons--you can start to feel alone with people who are fish around!).

Today, we went to the pool together. I wore my (adorable) TYR workout Bikini, and proceeded to be a lap counter/cheerleader (yes, I actually was a cheerleader in school).

George finished 1200 yds today, with his longest continuous set ever of 300 yds.

This is huge.

This was an actual workout, and not only doing drills. Don't get me wrong, George is doing drills like crazy with his swim coach. But today felt different. It's beginning to come together.

I am so proud of him.

We all face these walls in the sports that we love, but I am just so proud that he is pushing through the bad and the work and the frustration to get to the good part.

If you read this, and ANY of it is familiar to you (learning a new sport, particularly swimming), post up a comment of support/commiseration!!

I promise, it will help him feel better going into his FIRST triathlon ever on Saturday!!!


  1. GOOOOO George! I was a lifeguard in the Chesapeake Bay, and swam my whole life. The problem was that I never swam competitively. I am sloooow, and after all my injuries/illnesses this year, I can't swim more than 1500m without being exhausted. I am working on getting there but it is going to take some serious time. So I can relate!

  2. Thanks Kiersten!!! It is NOT an easy sport, that's for sure!

  3. Woot! 1200 yards is no small feat!! Keep up the great work!

    (on another note...which bikini do you have? I'm eyeing a couple and am wondering about fit??)

  4. Kacie, that's totally great! I wish I had some advice because swimming is still the hardest element for me! I just know that it's the hardest to learn and feel comfortable with and if he just sticks with it, he'll be as amazing a swimmer as he is a runner and cyclist!

  5. For me, cycling was the scary new sport when I started triathlons. Tell him, being an accomplished athlete in one area will take him much further than he thinks, ESPECIALLY being a cyclist! I am still jealous of all the fast riders.

  6. Advice for your husband: HAVE FUN! Enjoy the time you are having, relax on the swim and always smile!

  7. I can certainly say this is the most inspiring story I've read in a while because I too am a brand-new swimmer aspiring to be a triathlete. I can barely go 3 strokes without feeling like I'm going to drown *seriously* so I must give my deepest respect to George for his determination, resiliency, and will. This is beautiful, and I wish him the best of luck!!! Thank you for sharing Kacie!

  8. Congrats George! You are gunna rock it.