Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rev3 Quassy Olympic and Aquabike!

For the past week, George and I took a road trip up north!

First, we drove to Raleigh, where we stayed with George's aunt Georgia. Then, we kept on driving to DC, where we staying with George's sister, brother-in-law, and our three neices! We saw our friends Eric, Wendy, and Karla, as well as running around the monuments!

Then, we made the final leg of the trip to Conneticut to stay with my awesome teammate Laura and race in the Rev3 races.

This was just great!!! I got to meet lots of my teammmates in person on Fridays dinner!

Then, on Saturday, I raced the Olympic disctance, and George volunteered. Rev3 puts on a really awesome race! The course was hard, but fair, and I was treated as if I were a really serious athlete doing a very long race. I had anything I needed!

Here is the only image I have from the race, since George was volunteering:
Not really sure why I look like I am in pain. I love that wetsuit!

And here on the stats from my race. Not really impressed by any of it. I was just happy to be out there and spending time with my Trakkers family! I am somewhat happy with the swim, but you can really see that I have NO speed in my run legs right now. AND, that bike course was tough. Ok, enough excuses:

I had a great time out on the course, and I will try to let that slow bike/run just slide off of my shoulders. They will come back to me!

Then, we had a great dinner Saturday night with the team again. On Sunday, Rev3 put on a half distance. They were AMAZING, and they let George and me sign up for the aquabike as a relay. This was such a great experience! I got to swim, and George had a great time out on the bike. I am really really happy with this day. I had an awesome swim, and George's bike went really well (except he realized that his brake was rubbing HARD on the wheel--could be faster--next time!). I am going to post this just so that it looks like I did this ride....

Because we were the only ones doing a relay, we are technically DQ-ed so that we were not all mixed up in the results. Rev3 is great. They were so willing to work with us to help us have a really amazing experience on this day. This was an awesome day where George and I got to share a race together. I can't thank Rev3 enough for that chance!

OH--when you cross the finish line at a Rev3 race, they put your picture up on a Jumbo Tron! When George and I crossed together, they put up a picture of both of us! It was GREAT!

We both can't wait for Cedar Point! I will be racing the full, and George will be racing the half. It was such an awesome weekend for us!

So great to meet all of my team out there! I can't wait to see you all again!!!!


  1. Wow. I don't think WTC would be so accomodating to let you relay. Great job

  2. So awesome to meet you guys!! Great job!

  3. So glad I was finally able to really meet you!! Glad George was able to race, I know how hard it is to be around everyone racing and not do it yourself!! Sounds like you guys had a great trip! Hope to see you soon!

  4. I think it's great that you could do the Aqua Bike as a relay! :) Sounds like a great weekend!

    Look forward to meeting you at Cedar Point!

  5. It was so great to hang out with you this weekend!! I loved that we share special GHP memories!! Glad you made it home safe!

  6. Great hanging out with you and George at Quassay. I love that pic of you in the wetsuit. Great candid. The caption should read "Huh?"

    Looking forward to rocking it out with you in CP.