Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Totals

I do not normally post my totals for the month, but hey, it was a great month of training, so I think I will share!

I biked 599 miles. Maybe I will hop on the bike for one mile to make the number prettier. HA. Those are the kinds of reasons that I don't post totals...I am not like that at all...

I swam 29,000 yards, so I MUST go swim 1000 today to even it out!!

I ran 117 miles, and there is clearly a 5K in my future today. ;-)

I am happy with my training this month. It has been solid, and very hot

Yesterday, I did a century with George and three of my fantastic Trakkers Teammates! I was SO lucky to have them out there! Last year, this century was a low point for me, and this year, the time just flew as I spent it chatting with Kristen about everything! Thank you!!
Well, I have another huge week, and then down to big weekends and medium weeks....

Getting closer!

Anyone else have a good July?!


  1. It was a great time indeed :-) So glad we got to meet oh and ride for 6 hours together :-)

  2. Hey - I have a dumb question, and I'm not sure how else to contact you about it. How did you go about getting your sponsors? Did they seek you out when they realized you're a total rock star, or did you contact them first? If you have time to email me about it, I'm at - thanks for being a constant inspiration!