Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Double Scoop Double Brick Strikes Again!!!

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to travel back to Florida with my friend Laura for another double scoop weekend!

We started the weekend off right with some food!

We went to this A.MAZ.ING. Italian restaurant. They made the fresh mozzarella at you table. That made me very very happy.

Here is the amazing dish....

And here I am being very very happy....

I was clearly not really dressed for this nice place. BUT--I was enthusiastic about their food, and that has to count for something!

Saturday was a double brick. 3 hours riding, 2 hours running, 2 hours riding, and 1 hour running. It is the same workout we did about a month ago. This time, it was MUCH windier, which just makes you stronger, right?!

Here we are again! Have I mentioned how amazing my friend Laura is? She is a mom of 4, a wife, a CFO, a  multi time ironman, and an A group Boston qualifier in her AG. Really? And she is down to earth, and a PERFECT training partner for me! I am super super lucky!

About 6 hours into our training day, Laura revised our plan to end AT an ice cream shop. If chocolate milk is a good post-workout drink, then a chocolate milkshake must be better. That's how I see it. Then we had a beautiful 1.5 mile walk by the beach back as a cool down.

The whole workout went really smoothly. No issues at all. The last time I did this, I could really FEEL it that night and the next day. This time, I didn't even feel like I had done anything. That must be progress.

Sunday brought a 3 hour swim. I was able to swim at this awesome 50m pool outside! It was in the mid-70's and I was a really happy camper!!

So I hopped out of the pool, and Laura had this waiting for us. I was really excited, but my arms didn't really want to move it up to my mouth. I soon overcame this obstacle!

It should NOT be suprising by now that we went out to a killer brunch.

And then here's the picture of me looking WAY too happy about this breakfast feast!

After such a great morning, we decided to get haircuts before I had to get on the plane! I am going to fess up and say that this is my first haircut since May. That's right. May. I am a ragamuffin no more!!

And then we were off to the airport...including my new turtle friend that was in my Race Swag Bag from Laura!

And then my weekend adventure was over, and Turtle and I went home.....until next time!!!


  1. Laura is such a generous friend and great training partner!

  2. What a great training weekend!

  3. Kacie... you are getting so close!!! :) What a great way to get training in - with a GREAT training partner! Lucky you!

    That mozzarella looks AMAZING (as do the pancakes, omelets, iced coffees, muffins, etc.). I like the way you do things girl!