Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reality Check at 2 Weeks out

So I've had a tough couple of days.

Aching shoulder, very poor sleep, bad mood/attitude, feeling sick, mediocre training sessions since the weekend. I am a real gem to be around.

So I emailed my coach and asked if I need to suck it up or to rest.

He told me to read this analysis first:. I don't usually post any totals, but here goes.

Total Training Load 1/1/12 through 2/9/12 (Total 132.89 hrs.)

Bike – 38.75 hrs. (29.16%)
Run – 32.30 hrs. (24.3%)
Swim – 30.17 hrs. (22.7%)
Bricks – 26.17 hrs. (19.69%)
Strength – 3.75 hrs.
X-train – 1.75 hrs.

Total load per week:
12/26 – 1/1 – 28.0 hrs.
1/2 – 1/8 – 25.75 hrs.
1/9 – 1/15 – 26.25 hrs.
1/16 – 1/22 – 25.0 hrs.
1/23 – 1/29 – 21.22 hrs.
1/30 – 2/5 – 23.42 hrs.
Total - 149.64 hrs.

Then he told me to go home right after work, eat a cookie (or other such goodness), rest, and sleep.

That means I have to **gasp** miss a workout.

I hate that. It makes me worry.

Ok--so maybe that's a lot of training for me.
And maybe it's ok that I am tired.
And maybe I even started before those dates.
And maybe this training cycle did come RIGHT off an ironman.
And maybe I am going to be ok.
And maybe rest IS the right choice.

My race is two weeks from tomorrow. What is more important for my race? One bike ride or not getting sick and falling apart for the next week.

The answer should be clear--time to accept it and get ready for an evening of rest.

I mean, I did swim two hours this morning.

It's going to be ok. It's going to be ok. I'm going to finish this race. 


  1. Rest up girl. Racing while sick isn't really what you've been putting those hours in for. Plus what is one or two missed workouts really going to do to you. You are so ready for this and you are going to rock it out. Just take care of yourself too!!

  2. Sometimes getting a day of rest is better than sweating out another hard, intense workout. You'll be back tomorrow and that's what's important.

  3. That rest and cookie will do your body SO much good! :) ((HUGS))

  4. Rest up, girl. You got this!

    I REALLY wanted to come crew, but it's the bf's last weekend in town before he moves to Tucson! I'll be there in spirit!

  5. Prior to reading your totals, my comment was going to be, you sound like every other girl I know ;) (JOKING!).

    Unbelievable numbers, you are just crushing this training!

    You are entitled to a day off, your body is speaking to you, make sure you listen to it sometimes!

    Keep up the awesome work!

  6. All I can say is ... wow, that is some crazy volume. You are going to be so ready to rock this!

  7. Wow, 28 hours...holy crap.

    I hope that cookie was the most amazing thing in the land!