Friday, February 10, 2012

The morning after a long sleep!

This has been my life lately:

It doesn't always take much!

Thanks for all of the online love. I went home, ate a cookie, sat on the couch and watched TV, and then slept and slept and slept. 

Feeling much better. 

I didn't really think about how sleepy this training cycle would make me. I know that sleepiness is my body saying, "I need to fix everything so go lay down."

The catch 22 is that getting the training in (and working of course) means less time for that.

Well, I have one more big weekend, and I am excited for it now!!!!!

I will get a massage tonight, and then be ready for a big big day tomorrow and a really long trail run Sunday!

2 Weeks!!!!!


  1. Stay strong ... your almost there! You're doing fabulous!

  2. glad you are feeling better. you're in the home stretch!!!

  3. I'm so freakin' excited for you!!

  4. You are seriously amazing! I can't even imagine. You're almost to that start line.

  5. Thinking of you sweet girl! This is your big week!!!