Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Next Big Adventure!

So I have decided on my next adventure.....drumroll please...... I know you have all been losing sleep wondering....drumroll....

I am going to be a member of an 8 person Race Across America Team (RAAM)!
Race Across America

This is an incredible opportunity to race with Team Shepherd in this incredible event! We are riding to raise awareness about the great people at the Shephard Center here in Atlanta.

This is a truly exciting opportunity to be a part of an amazing race for a great cause.

That being said, I think I need to go ride my's a big country!

(If you have a second, would you go like us on facebook?? Thank you!!)


  1. Go big or go home... you have epitomized this saying!!!! Saddle up :)

  2. You certainly like a challenge, don't you? How exciting!!

  3. Bad ass, but no surprise coming from you Mrs. Darden.

    I'd be surprised if you announced that you were only doing sprint tris for the rest of the season. :-)

  4. Holy crap! Congrats on this!

  5. Kacie... will you ever stop being such a B.A.? When does this start?! Can't wait to follow your updates!