Friday, April 13, 2012

Operation Mountain Goat!

As I get ready to train for RAAM, I find myself looking at this profile of the country:

Holy Stromboli there are a lot of uphills in this country of ours!

Training for the very very flat double IRON, I did not have much of a focus on hills, let alone mountains.

I need to focus on that stuff now!

Thus was the beginning of Operation Mountain Goat!

When you google image mountain goat, it is REALLY hard to choose the picture you want to use! The one above seems so triumphant!

This one seems a little nuts, but serious respect to this little dude!

And then there is this little guy who has a long way to go, but this is a nice start. Maybe this is where I am starting :-)

Ok--back to business!

Operation Mountain Goat is threefold:

1. I have to change my attitude. I am not allowed to apologize for being slow. I am not allowed to say I am a bad climber. These actions are totally unacceptable now. I have a bad habit of doing that, and it only works against my goals!

2. Work on hills on the bike. Coach has me doing hill repeats in workouts during the week, and trips to the gaps as often as possible!

3. New nutrition plan. I am working with the fabulous, knowledgeable, fast, and lean Dani. We have a new plan (since the double my only plan was to eat what I felt like eating). She is awesome. I am learning a ton about my nutrition and she is putting in a lot of time sending me plans, recipes, answering texts, taking pictures of sweet potatoes (it was awesome!), and responding to a bagillion questions that I have! I am psyched to have her on my team of support.

I am hoping that operation mountain goat will leave me a mentally confidenent, physically powerful, and lean machine of a climber for RAAM!


  1. Love the mountain goat photos - I'm sure you'll be climbing with the best of them in no time!

  2. I love the last little guy!

    Why climb mountains, when you can just climb on someone's back and let them do all the work? Smart.

  3. You can so do this! With an 8 member team you only need to ride 400 miles or so over 6 - 7 days. Yeah, it's a little hilly, but you don't have to tackle all those "hills" by yourself. :-)


  4. I'd love to ride the gaps with you... and I'm a horrible climber, but I promise not to say that once when we are out there! :)

    Those pictures are awesome!

  5. The last picture is definitely my favorite!