Monday, April 23, 2012

RAAM Simulation Ride

This weekend, my team got together for a RAAM simulation ride.

5 of us rode for quite a while :-)

We split into two cars. My van had two crew, Don and Linda, and two riders, Rob and me! The other car had two crew and three riders.

This was a chance to really experience what RAAM will feel like.

Rob and I took riding for 30 minutes at a time. So I would ride for 30, and then hop in the car for 30 minutes while Rob rode.

Here are a couple of exhanges:

 Since we had less people we fell behind the other van, so every few hours, we would drive to catch up with them and get a longer break.

Our ride was a TOUGH course! We went over Burnt Mountain in the rain. Here's Rob descending in the rain. Scary!

Then we headed over to Fort Mountain!

After Fort Mountain, we had a period of time that was flat, rural, and just plain beautiful. The sun was sinking, the roads were smooth, and I was SO happy every time it was my turn to ride. I mean, how lucky am I to be invited to do something this incredible?

THEN, we headed towards Mt. Cheaha! We went up and down Cheaha in the dark, which was a surreal experience. You can't really see much, so you are just riding without knowing how the road is going to change. You can't really tell how big the hills are or how long you will be climbing or going downhill or how fast you are going, because you can't see your garmin OR have any perception of speed without light. There is a total trust in the headlights of your crew car, which is quite the experience when you are descending down curvy roads and the lights are catching up an instant behind you!

Around 2 or 3 in the morning we decided to call it a "day" and head on home from Alabama. I got back to my house around 7am!

Speaking of Cheaha, George was the first finisher at the Gran Fondo there yesterday!!! Here's the article in the newspaper! I am SO proud of him!

I had a fantastic weekend. My bike was great, the crew was incredibly kind and supportive, and the other riders were so talented, fun, and hard working.  I feel honored to be a part of this team supporting a truly amazing cause. I can't wait to put in the work to be even better for the next ride! It is going to come So fast!

To see all of our pictures, or give us any support (financial or emotional :-) ) Check us out and like us on facebook or donate and check out out here!

Up next, is the incredible bike makeover that the awesome people at All3 sports gave to my bike!!!

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  1. that is some kind of craziness going on down there! I'm glad you had fun and were SAFE!! Can't wait to see the bike!