Monday, February 25, 2013

Crew Retreat

This weekend, we convinced 8 of our 10 crew (the other two had work conflicts) to come up to the mountains with us and talk about, plan, strategize, and prepare for our race.

Thanks to Moxie Cycling for pretty much always reading my mind! These are the people who are dedicating so much to making our dream happen with us.
We all got up to the mountains Friday and just enjoyed a relaxed evening together. Then, Saturday we got up, stayed in our PJ's, and got to work all day.
We started with the big goal: break the 2 person female record. Go big, right? We are.

Then we started working on what we call "essential agreements." This is our foundation of how we strive to treat each other. It is really important to us to have a strong culture of respect and a common goal on our team, so we spent a lot of time discussing this.


We took a quick break for a little ride, and then headed into the logistics portion of the day. This part included little cars, names to represent people, a spinning clock thing, and a lot of thought!

Yes, I am holding my name upside down. Anne says that we are just the "jocks" or "muscle" or "meatheads" in this operation, and the crew is the brain. Clearly, that is correct!

Sunday, we had a lazy morning (Did I mention that Leslie brought me those incredible sticky buns from Florida?!! She rode 70 miles with 3 dozen in a backpack to bring to the retreat! Awesome).
Then we headed out for another little ride in the mountains.

Sporting my new long-sleeved jersey from MooMotion that I will tell you more about later!

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend, with some great work and incredible people. We are so grateful for our team already!


  1. I love that you organized something like this for everyone - the most important part of RAAM is having everyone on the same page. Can't wait to hear more about it all on Wednesday!

  2. Figuring out all the logistics for this ride is quite a feat! You're going to do awesome at RAAM!