Friday, February 15, 2013

Interviews with our Team

Through the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, I have gotten the chance to be introduced to Carrie Regan, who is an awesome athlete, coach, and video producer. She was excited to hear about our race, and wanted to interview us. Check them out!

Part 1: My incredible racing partner, Dani

Part 2: Lil' ole' me!

What do you think? I am a little nervous that I might sound a little crazy...or awesome...or crazy...not really sure!


  1. Awesome article! I can't wait to hear about the ride - u two are going to kick butt! Good luck & have a blast!

  2. Both of them are incredible interviews, but then again, when you are interviewing incredible people, you could be talking about phone books and I would be interested!

    And no... you didn't sound crazy. Well, biking as much as you do IS crazy, but it's also awesome!