Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why My Massage Therapist is the Best There Is!

My massage therapist's name is Sara:

Let's get something straight--she's the best, and I am REALLY REALLY lucky. Here's my top ten reasons.

10. She can fix my hips. I mean, really fix them. It is amazing how much better I feel when I see her.

9. She leaves 7:30 on Thursdays open for me. That is SO cool.

8. She saves the best sheets for me. The cute ones!! So when I am in pain, I get to look at the adorable pinks and purples as I cry ;-)

7. I get to control the music when she works on me. That can work against me though, if I pick something she wants to dance to while working on my IT band...or abductors.

6. She has worked on me after a race, on a porch, overlooking the ocean.

5. After my Ironman, she worked on my back, and unstuck all of my muscles from my ribs, and I could BREATHE again. It was really incredible. And after every massage, my entire body adjusts itself, which is SO cool :-)

4. She comes with me to every race she can to cheer and to make sure I am straightened up after wards! She will be at the goofy challenge AND even more importantly IM St. George!!!

3. She has taken me to see Dave Matthews.....TWICE! (Including last night!!!!!)

2. She believes in me as an athlete. I mean truly believes in me, and is willing to go above and beyond anything she has to do to help me reach my goals.

1. She is my friend. How lucky am I?

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