Friday, December 3, 2010

8 Days Until the 50K

So I am in serious countdown mode for my next race.

Tomorrow, I have an "easy" 20 mile run, as my coach called it. Nice. I have never heard of an "easy" 20 miler, but I guess it better feel easy with a 50K next weekend. I'll be running with Laura at Kennesaw Mountain, which is my favorite!

Next week, I'll do my carb depletion monday and tuesday, normal on wednesday, and carb heavy thursday and friday. I much prefer the balanced days to the protein/carb heavy days, but it has consistently worked for me, so here we go!

Because this race is not a "full out effort" (what? seriously? What IS my full effort, then!), I don't get much of a taper. I can cut my Thursday run short, and I have friday off.

Hope it goes well....With a week to go, the nerves start up!


  1. Dude, you are totally going to rock it! I'm super excited for you, and can't wait to hear about it. Run, Kacie, run! ;-)

  2. Good luck! I am looking forward to reading about the race :-)

  3. How was Mr. Bouncy bridge? I found three more bouncy bridges in Athens. Also, did you find my key while you were out there? hehe