Monday, December 20, 2010

When the going get tough.....laugh at yourself!

I know that all of my readers out there are just DYING to know how my recovery from the 50K is going. Well, not well. Not well at all. I have had one bad swim, a failed 2 mile run, a 1.5 hour easy spin that almost killed me, an incredibly painful massage, 30 minutes on an eliptical, a horrible 4 mile run/walk, and a crummy strength training session. Thank god I got some results from that race, or I would seriously be cursing every rock and root I tripped over. I have to continue to remind myself that I did run 31 miles, and I did fall...a lot. I am totally jammed up. My hip and knee on the left side feel awful awful awful.

So I have really high hopes for my appt with Josh Glass of Georgia Sports Chiropractic tomorrow. I see him regularly, and there is no doubt that he works wonders on my joints. Seriously. I keep telling myself that he helps me out as much as he possibly can, and that I will be ok. But, as any athlete knows, there is also that creeping voice whispering, "you could really be injured" in my head. I know it doesn't help to listen to that looser, but it can be hard to knock him out. You know that nagging fear is about to drive you nuts when you just want to go to bed so the morning appt with Josh will come!!!

So, let's focus on the positives....the Dardens did win last weekend:

Sometimes, when I am anxious about this kind of stuff, I need to make sure I don't start taking myself too seriously. So, in honor of not being too serious, here are a few treats:

A classic from Peru:

New Goggles and swim caps are REALLY exciting.

Making friends in Austin, TX

This is how my friends and I do our shopping together. We are lucky when we are not asked to leave :-)
Serious preparations for Ironman Louisville. Good thing we were there early so we could clear out this trojan horse of scary attack monsters.

Working on my moonwalking with Oma (my grandmother), Jessie Anne (my sister), and Patrick (my brother).
I would be SUCH a good lizard.

Ok, I think I have thoroughly convinced myself that I am a goofball, but my knee still hurts. Alas, I had a good laugh looking through pictures that should probably just be kept to myself!!!


  1. Oh, Kacie! You make me smile - especially when moon walking. I hope you feel better ASAP, and I hope that you remember that all of this pain is because YOU TOTALLY ROCKED THAT RACE! Be easy with yourself and rest up!

  2. It's okay to take time off after a race and let your body recover. You'd be amazed the damage you did to your body in that race. And you're not going to lose any fitness. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. You're amazing, Kacie! You forgot to mention that those 31 miles were over a freaking MOUNTAIN! I think you just need to play some more Dance Central to loosen those muscles ;)

  4. Those are great pictures! :)

    Hope that the recovery is a little better this week! Hope the Chiro helps and that nothing is seriously wrong! :(

  5. Thanks guys! The chiro seriously helped, and I feel better about making progress through this recovery. I might even get to run on an alter G treadmill, and you KNOW there will be a blog post about that!

  6. This post made ME laugh. Oh man. Pain and laughter...probably can't be cool and awesome unless you have a lot of both in your life.

  7. What? You're recovery after your chillaxed 50k is slow-going, you don't say?!

    Have comfort in knowing that I am just now sitting my butt on a bike after Ironman in September. Joy!

    Good luck sister—you'll get there!

  8. Love the make a great Goofball :). Take time to recover fully-risky to rush that. Everything will fall into place in no time!