Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Team Trakkers 2011

I am really excited to tell you that I am going to be on Team Trakkers for 2011! I am thrilled about the opportunity to get to know this group, race, and represent some awesome sports companies. How cool is that? 2011 season has started off beautifully, and it hasn't even started yet!!!!!

Can't wait to get that bright green on and start racing!
Team Trakkers

That means that I will for sure be racing in at least one of the Rev3 Races next year, and even more if I can pull that together!


I also know that next year, I'll be racing on a Kestrel bike!

Can't wait to get going! Now I need to go join up on all of the Team blogs and enjoy reading about everyone's adventures!

By the way! If you are on my new team, or in regular life, and you are looking for my twitter, it is: @kacie_tri_ing


Can't wait to tell you more!


  1. Yay Kacie! Congrats to you and excited to meet you!

  2. Congratulations,Kacie! What great news - you continue to inspire me!!

  3. Congrats Kacie --- look forward to meeting you!

    The Di2 is magical (-:

  4. Hi Kacie!!!
    So excited you're on Trakkers! Can't wait to "get to know you!"

    I live in Boston, so maybe we'll be able to meet up in South Carolina at Rev3 if you end up doing that, i'm also doing Quassy!!

    Look forward to meeting you!!

  5. YEAH!! Isn't it so exciting?? Congrats! I am doing Quassy, and maybe going to SC.