Monday, December 6, 2010

Time for some rest!

I finished my last long run on Saturday. It was an "easy" 20 miler. I don't want to sound like I am bragging....but it WAS easy! Yippie! I just felt great the whole time. I never felt sluggish or achy, and I felt like if I had to keep going, I could.

My current training partner, Laura, sent out an amazing email. She had a rough day out there on the trails with me. Of course, that means that I am chatting up a storm, and she is not saying a word and just waiting for this awful run to be over :-) Hopefully, she doesn't mind that I share a few things she said, because they were very powerful. The things she wrote that really stuck with me were:

"For me the easy and strong workouts are great, but it is the tough one’s that truly make me motivated to keep pushing further and seeing how your mind and your body can endure!"

"Mentally, I was thinking, I am done at 10 miles and just need to call this a day. I even thought about maybe I should just to 25K not 50K at TASHKA. Then, I remembered Coach saying, it is suffering and your mind just wants you to stop and lay on a couch to be comfortable, but if you just keep going, your body will find a comfortable place. "

"Yes, this is the journey, sometimes it feels great and some workouts are just suffering, but it felt awesome to get through this mentally and physically and gave Kacie a big sweaty hug at the end. It is so nice to have a such a fantastic training partner to help you get through the highs and the lows!"

I just love the strength and courage you can find in yourself in this sport. It is wonderful.
My coach always says, "It's not about the pain, it's about the suffering." Sounds awful, but when you can embrace the suffering and be grateful that you CAN embrace it when so many can't, you find new parts of yourself both physically and mentally.


On a different note, it's taper week. Game time. Time to let my body prepare to embrace some serious suffering on saturday.

That means that tonight, I'll go see sara, and let her destroy my I mean give me a massage. In a few days, I will feel golden.

Tomorrow, I have a 3 mile run! Seriously?! Awesome!

Wednesday, I have a trainer workout, but coach is going easy on us so we can save our legs.

Thursday is ANOTHER 3 mile run. Sweet. Then, I'll go see Josh the chiropractor to get all of my bones in place for Saturday.

Thursday night, we are inviting Sara over to enjoy a spaghetti dinner!

Friday, I will head out and get George and TyTy, and we will drive to Tuscaloosa!

Time to start pulling together the to-do list, eat lots of protein for two days, and get ready!

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