Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beach Training!

Last week, we spent the week in Pawley's Island, SC with George's family.

It was a great week, and an even better week for training! I got in 22 hours of training (with no swimming).
It went something like this:

Monday: 12 Mile run and 1 hour Ride
Tuesday: 8.5 Mile run and 1 hour 40 minute Ride
Wednesday: 7.5 mile run and 2 hour 20 minute ride
Thursday (our anniversary!): 5 hour ride
Friday: 8 mile run and 2 hour 20 minute ride
Saturday: 12 mile run and 1 hour ride

I felt fantastic...until that last ride, and I just kind of broke. I was supposed to be out for 2 hours, and I just fell apart.

Sunday we drove back and rested. Monday I had a terrible swim, which is what I get for taking a week off of swimming!

Yesterday, we met with our coach to really talk about moving forward. I have the full Ironman distance race really soon at Rev3 Cedar point. I am really excited about it, but it feels crazy to be back in it already! Last week was an up week, and this week is down some, which is fine. Then, in November, I have another Ironman in Cozumel. That is what coach wants to be a breakthrough race for me. A PR. That would be really nice. I have a lot of work before I can achieve that, though.

We also started talking about my 2012 goals. Right now, he said, I have a lot on my big plate (2011), BUT I can begin to try out putting things on my little plate (2012). I actually enjoy looking way ahead as much as I enjoy the current training, so I went home and spent WAY too much time on the internet thinking about BIG-GIANT-STUPIDLY LONG race :-) I was excited and totally pumped!

Then, after feeling inspired and excited, I went out for a regular 8 mile run, and failed completely, coming in after 4 feeling nauseous from the heat. Great. I moved quickly from feeling totally inspired to take on a hundred mile run next year to feeling like I wanted to vomit from an easy 8 miler. Awesome.

Time to go ride and hopefully get my head right again~

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