Friday, July 1, 2011

Fresh Start in July

Last night, I cut my run short (which I never do), and made a decision that I am done racing for a little while.

I raced 6 times in June, and I am just mentally done with it. I want to train, and not to race for a while.

I have Rev3 Cedar Point on September 11th, and I am ready here on July 1st to officially start my training for it.

I wrote to my coach, who agreed, and I am not going to race in the waterfront tri next weekend. I have never sat out of a race when I am healthy, but I am just mentally burned out of racing. I will cheer for George, but I am ready to be focused on the bigger picture now.

So this morning I did a really hot and hilly 10 miler, and I had a great run. I fell and skinned my knee in the last 20 feet of the run. Classic.

But, I just saw this on facebook, and I LOVE it. I never really understand the bouncing around at stoplights :-) Made me smile! I borrowed it from Steve's blog


  1. I'm excited to have a fan cheering for me in Chatt-town!

  2. HA! That poster is fantastic - I Love it!

  3. That's an amazing picture. I'm going to have to start handing that out to the people I see jogging in place.