Monday, December 5, 2011

Ironman Cozumel Bike Pictures

We bought a couple of pictures from Cozumel, so I thought I would share them! 

Not going to lie, they make me feel pretty fast! It also makes me wish I was in Cozumel!

Yes, these are going to become our Christmas card pictures! I will post it up once I make them!


  1. Oh my... looks amazing! :) And you two look strong!!!

  2. Hi Kacie! HUGE congrats to both you and your husband on Cozumel!!

    I've been reading your blog for a few months now (lurker alert!) as I was considering IM Cozumel for my first in 2013 (it's a go!). I live in Tampa and my boyfriend and I have had the double ironman on our calendar to spectate for months - good luck on your training and I'll be cheering for you there!

  3. Hi Kacie,

    I did Cozumel on Nov 27 2011 but I have not received any emails regarding the pictures. How did you get your ?


  4. Carlo--don't have your email, but if you go to the IM cozumel site, they have moved the picture link to the left side of the page. You can search your name from there.

    Jessica! Not lurking at all! Look forward to talking to you and hopefully see you in Tampa!!

    Thanks Katie and Colleen!