Sunday, December 4, 2011

On to the next one....

       x 2 = 281.2

As I finish my recovery from Cozumel, it is is time to start looking forward.  I have known that this is the plan for a while, and I want this to be the plan, but I am still terrified about it. 

My next adventure will be a double Ironman in Tampa, Florida from Friday February 24 to Saturday evening February 25th. 

The swim is 4.8 miles in a 50m pool. It is usually wetsuit legal.

The ride is 224 miles looping.

The run is a double marathon-- 52.4 miles out and back many times.

I think I can do it. I hope I can do it.

I met with my coach last night over dinner to celebrate Cozumel and to begin to look ahead.

I have one advantage in that I have two more weeks of work, and then two weeks off for holidays. We are going to take FULL advantage of those two weeks off. I should be recovered enough to really get some high milage in.  Then we are going to get really creative for the next six weeks to try to make training, sleep, work, and a lack of light, and the worst weather all year.  I am nervous.

I know that once I get my schedule, it just becomes a matter of one day at a time and one workout at a time.

I am going back to the my nutritionist, Ilana Katz tomorrow. I have enjoyed a week TOTALLY off of a nutrition plan, but it is time to get back on it.

This is NOT  a lot of time to transition from one event to another. And we both work in high risk jobs for getting sick. 

George and I are going to get flu shots today. 

I am going to continue to be diligent with my First Endurance MultiV. I love this stuff. I was missing 20% of my students the week before Cozumel with strep. I was diligent about taking my vitamins and washing my hands, and I made it through it. I can't let up on that now!


You can probably sense my fear--but at the same time, that is why I WANT to do this race. It is new and kind of scary, and that is part of what makes it wonderful too--it will be an adventure!


  1. you are insanely awesome..I can't wait to hear about your training and ultimately your RACE!!

  2. YOu are awesome. Crazy as hell, but awesome. :) Can't wait to follow your journey!

  3. You are incredible and I can't wait to follow THIS journey! :)

  4. So excited to follow you on your journey to double!!! Whoo hooo!!

  5. Holy crap---double IM! At this stage a single IM sounds scary.

    This is going to be amazing to follow. How do you even train for this?!?!?!?!